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My final CHA thoughts

Reported by Melissa Norris

So I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I should have. I was in charge of the video and remembering things. I think I did my best. But here are some of the other videos I took along with some pictures I did manage to snap along the way.

Here’s the grand opening of the show, or as I lovingly call it, the running of the crafters. Watch your toes, those rolling bags will get ya!

We met the great people from Streuter who make Glue Film and Glue Foil. These are great products and are perfect for people who love to use chipboard or altering objects. Here it is in action!

You already saw a glimpse of Claudine Hellmuth’s new paints in this post, but here she is making the batik looking paper using her paints and multi-medium.

Book binding was all over CHA this year. Here is a machine from ProvoCraft. It’s called Your Story and is a combination book binder and laminator. You can purchase individual book covers or you can get album kits which include a cover, premade pages and stickers.

Ok, so I lied. These aren’t my final thoughts. I’ve found more video and pictures than I realized. Stay tuned and leave us your thoughts on these new products!

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