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Tuesdays with Toolulu: Crafty Business Goal Setting

We’re all crafters here, right? We know the difference between a glue gun and a glue dot. We know that it is Mod Podge, not modge podge. We can make things out of paper bags and pop tabs. But do we know how to run a business? So many of us start out innocently enough. Our friends and family want to buy things we’ve made. A few orders start trickling in. The extra money is alluring. Online marketplaces like Etsy make it even easier to get our products out there to the masses with little investment. Things start to get a little complicated when tax id numbers, budgets, fees, trademark, copyright, etc…become more of a part of your day than scissors, glue, and ribbon. Let us help. We’ll have a series of articles here over the next couple of months dedicated to these topics provided by Toolulu. Leave a comment or shoot us an email if you have a specific question or topic you’d like to see covered.

Today’s topic is goal setting. It’s pretty general but by having clear goals in mind, you’ll be able to make better plans for your business in the future. You’ll want to remember two things when setting goals.
1. Make them specific.
2. Make them attainable.
Set Specific Goals

Vague: Be on TV.
Specific: Share sewing tips as a contributor on a morning TV show.
Vague: Sell my stuff in stores.
Specific: Sell my hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn in the two local yarn shops and on Etsy.
Set Attainable Goals
You definitely want to reach for the stars here, but let’s face it. Not everyone is going to be the next Martha Stewart. Make your goals ambitious and as you begin to attain those goals, maybe then you’ll be ready to set the “take over the craft world” goal.
Set an ambitious goal. Set several initial goals to help you reach your ambitious goal. Make a timeline to reach those goals. Write them down! Here’s an example for you:
Ambitious goal: Publish an ebook of sewing patterns. (6 months)
Initial goal 1: Research bookstores and ebooks to see what is already available. (week 1)
Initial goal 2: Brainstorm for book ideas. (week 2)
Initial goal 3: Compile 10-12 of my patterns for possible inclusion. (4-6 weeks)
Initial goal 4: Test patterns. (month 2)
and so on…
Take a moment to set some goals for yourself or your business. You don’t have to be just starting out for this to work for you. Once you have a timeline and a destination (your ambitious goal), you can start working toward making all your crafty dreams come true. That is what it’s all about, after all. is a social media marketing company whose tagline is “We Know Our Craft”. The women behind Toolulu are Christy Nelson and Deb Averett–avid crafters and designers who also happen to know a thing or two about business. They will be providing a series of articles for Craft Critique over the next several months focusing on building a craft business with a focus on social media.
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