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The Best of Craft Critique

In celebration of our 2nd Anniversary I thought it would be fun to introduce our newest readers to some of Craft Critique’s “Greatest Hits”. These are some of the craft product and tool reviews that continue to bring us new readers every day via Google!

How to load your ATG Gun: Melissa shows us the proper way to change the tape on your ATG Gun… I still have to look at this video every time I do this!

Sound Off: Scor-Pal vs. Scor-It: Our readers give their opinions about which scoring product they like best… and why. The comments are the real meat of this article. Good stuff!

Sound Off: Cuttlebug vs. Sizzix: Our readers have strong opinions about their die cut machines! read all about it here! Again… do not miss the comments… valuable information!

Hello Kitty Sewing Machine: This article still gets a ton of hits from Google… maybe because Susie’s articles are always insightful and heartfelt.

ProvoCraft Knifty Knitter: If you don’t have one of these then you should! Now knitting is easy for everyone! Read this article to see how easy knitting can be!

Copic Sketch Markers: You’ve heard the buzz… these are the art markers all the stampers are talking about, but are they worth the hype? Julia says they ARE!

What are you favorite Craft Critique product or tool reviews? We would love to know so we can feature them in another edition of “The Best of Craft Critique!”

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