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Vendor Spotlight & GIVEAWAY- I Love to Create: Tulip Fashion Kits

Reported by Christina Hammond

So, it’s summer.  Have your kids shouted from the other room “Hey Mom!  I’m bored!  I am sooooooooooo bored!” ?   Or do you have a group of girls coming over for a slumber party and you’re at a loss for entertaining them?


To help combat the summer “boredom blues,” we were sent I Love to Create by Tulip’s Tie Dye Kit in Moody Blues, Body-Art Glitter Stencil Set, Bright Fabric Markers and 3D Color Changing Paint.
We had a blast using all of these kits.  Of course, the first kit the wanted to try was the Glitter Body Tattoos.    The kit has everything you need to get started.  9 stencils, glue, brushes and tons of glitter.  

The glue comes in a bottle with a nice soft applicator.  There is a slight odor to the glue, but it dissipates quickly as it dries.  My kids have a ton of allergies, and it didn’t bother them at all. 

Check out that bling!  It’s fine, super shiny and pretty! 
The stencils are easy to use, and stick well.  Be careful with the more detailed designs because you can tear them while removing them with the paper backing.   Voila!  Butterflies!

We mixed colors with great results.  The LittleLady won’t let us wash it off, but it does come off pretty easily with soap and water.  If you want to make sure it really comes off fast, use a wipe with rubbing alcohol in it – swipes it right off!  I can see using this kit at camp or for Halloween.  A Glitter Fairy!  How cool!

“Hey Mom!  Daddy keeps calling me David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust.  I don’t get it!”


Next we used the Tie-Dye Kit in “Moody Blues” to create some shirts.  The box says that the kit includes enough dye to make 8 shirts, but we only got one toddler shirt and some of an adult XL shirt.  Probably not a big deal, because I am known for overdoing these things!
Everything you need is in the kit.  Rubberbands, gloves and premeasured dyes.  When added water to the bottles of dye, be sure they are closed all the way before shaking.  Ask my counters how we know this!  🙂
 I would maybe pick up better gloves next time.  The kits are meant for the younger set, but they were too big even for my big hands. The instructions didn’t say to presoak the shirt, so we gave it a spiral spin and secured it with rubberbands. 
After applying the dye in alternating colors, I simply wrapped the garbage bag we dyed on around it and tossed it out in the yard in the sun for the day.  Once ready, I rinsed it and laid it back out in the sun to dry.  Once dry, I gave it a run in the dryer on HOT to really try to set the colors.
We have a Buzz LightYear freak in our house, so I used my YUDU to silk screen an image of his hero on the shirt. I think it came out really well and can’t wait to make more!
Next we tried out the 3D Color Change Paint.  Being a child of the Eighties, I have memories of Hyper-color t-shirts.  The color change paint is similar, but it changes with UV exposure, not heat.   Before UV exposure

Can you see that?  It’s subtle, but the colors have changed!
Admittedly, I only made a handful of t-shirts with this paint because it was so cool. 
First up I drew out the name of a certain little Blue-Eyed Blondie named Haley.  I used Tulip’s 3D Puffy Paint to outline and then filled in each letter with a different design. 
Next I drew out my favorite cartoon character, LittleMiss Sunshine.  UV paint, sunshine…  Get it?  I kill me!
Can you see the difference?  It’s there – subtle in the case of LitteMiss Sunshine because we painted it on with a brush rather than in “3D”
Here’s a silly little video I shot this morning showing the Chaos Twins wearing the shirts, going from indoors to out and just how quickly they change.  There’s no sound because… well… we live in the WindyCity and it was windy.  Go figure.

Finally, we tried out the Fabric Markers in “Bright” colors.
 This sweet little tote was created completely by the 4 year old for her preschool teacher, Miss Mary.  As you can see, the colors show up really well (even on the taupe fabric) and are easy enough for the little ones to use.  Just remember, they are permanent!


Here are my creations- I had a couple of silk screened totebags on hand that I use for groceries.  They needed a little more…something.  So I added a “Peace, Man!” to them.  The colors set really well. Remember to put something between layers because the colors will bleed.  I can see myself using these to label our pool towels, gym bags and backpacks for school.  Oh, and plain white canvas sneakers!  How cool would that be?


  • everything you need in one kit or set
  • easy to use
  • well written instructions
  • fairly affordable


  • the stencils in the tattoo kit are a bit fragile, so be careful
  • the tie-dye kit didn’t dye as many shirts as it said it would
  • they can be messy, but that’s the fun part, right?

Head to the nearest craft store and pick up one or all of these kits by Tulip.  The kits are all reasonably priced so you can pick up a few of each and have enough for everybody.  Best of all, I can totally see the Bright Fabric Markers and Body Tattoos being used at Vacation Bible School, Cheerleading Camp or even Scouts gatherings.

The folks over at I Love To Create are giving away a Tulip kit to one lucky reader. To enter simply answer any of the questions below in the Comments section of this article on our website. One comment per person, please.

Have you tried any of the I Love to Create by Tulip kits?  Which ones would you like to try?  Be sure to come back and show us what you make with them, we love to see it!
Winners are chosen at random. Contest closes Sunday, June 12th at 6pm CST. Good Luck!


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CHA Summer: I love to Create

Duncan Enterprises, the makers of Tulip, have changed their name. They are now iLovetoCreate.

Today in the iLovetoCreate booth the new Tulip Fabric Graffiti products were on display. With a focus on underground fashion with a eco-friendly twist, Tulip created aerosol fabric spray paint that works without chemical propellants. Just pump the bottle and spray. The bottles are also refillable!

The squeeze tubes in bright colors were quite eye catching.

CHA Summer visitors appeared to be having a great time “tagging” t-shirts and wristlets. The graffiti theme of iLovetoCreate’s make-and-takes had a fun, trendy edge as you can see from the big phat marker below.

Thanks iLovetoCreate for bringing us some real bright and funky colors in unique delivery systems! Craft Critique is eager to get these colors in our hot little hands!

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One lucky reader will will a collection of Tulip® fashion paints and embellishments giving you an assortment of products to inspire your creativity!

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This Giveaway is closed! The winner will be announced soon!

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