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Review | My Image Bracelet Maker [Giveaway]

Welcome back to Kid’s Week at Craft Critique!

The My Image Bracelet Maker by Crorey Creations allows children to create one-of-a-kind bracelets from their own photos or other images.  I enlisted my daughter’s help with this project because she loves everything jewelry and crafty.  I wanted to see how easy it would be for her to complete the project by herself and to see if she would enjoy it.

The box has fun, bright colors, but the color pink is missing… a fact that was pointed out by my daughter.

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Kids Week | Iron-On T-Shirt

Welcome to the first day of our annual kid’s week at Craft Craft Critique! The kids are out of school and before they (and you) start climbing the wall, we’re going to give you some ideas of kid-friendly activities to help make summer vacation fun for everyone!

Why not start off by making a special summer vacation t-shirt? We bought a t-shirt at Michael’s for my 10 year old daughter (pink, of course) and then sat down with my Silhouette Portrait and some Silhouette iron-on material to let her custom design it.

She went straight for an intricate rose design that was in my Silhouette library – appropriate, since her middle name is Rose! It’s too intricate to be easy to work with for paper applications, but it’s perfect for doing iron-on or vinyl with, where you’ll use a transfer sheet.

Bridget decided she wanted the flower on the shoulder of her t-shirt, so I sized it at a little bit over 4 inches across after measuring the shoulder area of the shirt. I flipped the design horizontally in the Silhouette software for use with the iron-on material, although it’s not technically required when you are using a design that has no text or specific right or left.

Silhouette Studio screenshot

I selected the flocked iron-on material in the cut settings window. It defaults for some reason to having cutting with a mat checked, even through the material’s instructions say not to use a mat. You need to uncheck that box and put your media into the machine without a mat. Continue Reading →