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My Timeless Templates for Papertrey Ink

Reported by Lauren Meader

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is in just a few short weeks! As a paper crafter, I love making home-made gifts, and am always on the lookout for fresh ideas. Sometimes the simplest gifts can become a treasure just by the way that they’re packaged. But what do you do when your gift list is long, money is tight, and time is short? Let me introduce you to My Timeless Templates!

My Timeless Templates is a line of printable templates created by Lauren Meader for Papertrey Ink. Each month, Papertrey Ink releases two new template designs available for purchase on their website. These templates are a building block for you to create unique gifts and packaging out of basic paper crafting supplies.

Each template comes in the form of a PDF file which is downloaded to your computer and viewable using Adobe Reader. (If you don’t have Adobe already on your computer, there is a link on Papertrey Ink’s website for a free download.) The templates are designed to print directly onto 8.5 x 11″ cardstock, complete with cut and score lines. Some of the templates give you the option of printing the templates without the score lines so that the dashed lines won’t show on the inside of your packaging. Once downloaded, the templates can be printed as many times as needed.

Each downloaded template comes with a full-color, high-quality PDF document that includes six exclusive project ideas along with supply lists. These projects are all made by Papertrey Ink’s talented designers and are the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing. The great thing about these templates is their versatility! Once you get the basic idea of how the template goes together, it’s easy to modify it for any occasion.

For those of you who are still a little uncertain, Papertey Ink has two FREE templates available for download right now. I really loved the unique folds of the Recipe Wrap-Up and wanted to make a coupon organizer with it.

As I mentioned before, each template is very customizable. I printed the template directly onto Kraft cardstock and then added stamping and scrapbooking supplies to the cover.
The design is very easy to assemble. Each template has basic assembly instructions printed on the side (such as how many sheets to print and where to adhere). Beginning next month, each PDF file will also include thorough instructions on basic assembly, for those who are new to template designs or for when things get a little unclear.
I added a small notebook to one of my panels and used a large office supply paperclip to hold the book closed when not in use. (The original design includes markings for ribbon placement, but I thought that might get a little time consuming for what I was using it for.)
And here is the book when it is fully expanded. The template comes with these cute little pockets that were perfect for organizing my coupons!

Another of my favorite templates right now is called All Boxed Up.

My mom is always asking me for home-made cards for her to give away, so I designed this box for her to store them in.

This time, because my cardstock was so dark, I printed the template onto plain printer paper. I placed the paper on top of my cardstock using removable tape and trimmed and scored the design.
I customized this template and created a pocket on the side wide enough to hold my envelopes. Once you’ve worked with a couple of templates, customizing becomes really simple to do.

My Timeless Templates are a great resource to add to your paper crafting! Each download costs only $5 and the files are available instantly on your computer. You can purchase these templates from Papertrey Ink and new templates are available on the 15th of each month. The quality and resources that come with these templates makes this an incredible value.


  • Templates are a perfect way to create beautiful gifts and packaging.
  • Each template can be printed over and over for a lifetime of use.
  • Templates are designed to print directly onto 8.5 x 11″ cardstock.
  • Templates can be customized to expand their use.
  • Each download comes with 6 exclusive project ideas.

Cons: (or, more accurately, Helpful Tips:)

  • Make sure your printer settings are set for NO scaling. This will alter the dimensions of your template and make it more difficult to use.
  • The proper adhesive makes a big difference on how well your project will hold together. I recommend using RedLine tape, Score Tape, or and ATG gun.
  • The templates can be a little confusing for those who are new to this type of paper crafting. However, Papertrey Ink will be including full instruction sheets in all of the templates to follow.

As you can probably tell from my article, I am a big fan of My Timeless Templates. These templates are a perfect way to create that special, one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season. Once you start using them, you might want to make something to keep for yourself! The templates are very customizable and can be used for any occasion.

Have you tried My Timeless Templates yet? If not, I encourage you to try out one of the free templates available on the website. I’d love to hear what you think about this new product! Or, maybe you’ve come up with a creative use for one of the templates. If so, please leave us a comment!

The Paper Garden

Reported By Lauren Meader

My review today is on the book called The Paper Garden by Susan Tierney Cockburn.

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to make many different paper flowers, using various paper punches. You would not believe that you can make the most beautiful paper flowers from a snowflake, pear, balloon, and even heart shaped punches. Then there is of course the obvious different flower/leaf punches.

Here are a few details on the book:

  • The features in The Paper Garden are the Summer Blooms collection. You will find the step by step directions on how to make the following flowers: Buddlegja* Dahlia* Daisy* Geranium* Hydrangea* Lily* Magnolia* Nasturtium* Rose* Sunflower * Poppy You can view all the punches used to create everything in this book –>HERE
  • 24 pages of color photo’s
  • A list/visual guide for the punches/tools you will need
  • Clear and detailed step-by step photos and written instructions.

Here I have my page opened to create a paper Poppy. I want to create one for the cover of my Poppy Seed packet. You can see the visual list of punches needed at the top.

I assembled my supplies, I realized that I didn’t have all of the correct punches so I always attempt to use what I have on hand that is similar.

Now you can see this how the photo’s/directions make each step so easy to follow.

I begin to follow each step. The directions/photos guide me through the creative process.

In just a few steps I have a beautiful paper poppy that will embellish my Poppy Seed cover.

After using this book, I believe a crafter of any skill level can attempt these projects. They simplify each step to make it so easy. With the photographs, you can also see what your flower should look like after each step is completed.

You can view all the punches used to create everything in this book –>HERE

These paper flowers can be used on cards, boxes, bags, tags, frames, and all sorts of gifts. Another neat thing is, if you purchased some of the recommended punches, like I did, they are used in numerous flowers throughout the book! So that is really cool too. You would be surprised at the variety of looks you can get with some of the same punch shapes.

I am very happy with this book. I feel that for me it was a truly great buy. It allowed me to branch out into another area of paper crafting, as well as add some great things to my projects.

If you are interested in purchasing it, you may find it in the following places:

The Punch Bunch site recommends Scrappily Ever After. You can also find this online at All That Scraps which will be carrying this book with punches/tools as well. This book retails for $15.25. If you enjoyed this review you may also like to view my review on the Punch Bunch HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I hope you are as excited about this book as I am! I would love to hear what you think, and if you have, or plan to purchase this book.

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Crafts ‘N Things Magazine

Reported by Lauren Meader

I decided to do my report on the April Issue of Crafts ‘n Things.

It’s what I like to call a well-rounded magazine. It offers a little something for everyone.

Crafts ‘n Things has quickly become one of my top 2 favorites in magazines these days. They had recently taken over Paper Trends, as well as The Rubber Stamper. No fear-each issue is packed with many rubber stamping projects to spark your creativity.

Since taking over those 2 companies, they have re-vamped their magazine so much.

More about the changes they made in their own words: (from the Crafts ‘n Things website)

“What has changed?
Crafts ‘n Things will undergo a complete interior re-design. The new look is very clean and sophisticated with an updated color palette.
The focus of the projects in Crafts ‘n Things will be home decorating and gift giving.
With the popularity of paper crafting ever on the rise, we are increasing the size of our paper crafting section to 50+ projects. The emphasis will be on card making however, we will also include memory crafting, home decorating with paper and much more.
Each issue will include multiple projects in all craft areas such as sewing, yarn crafts, needlework, polymer clay, rubber stamping, painting, etc. We need more room for all the projects so, Crafts ‘n Things will increase from 84 pages to 132 pages (minimum). Every issue of Crafts ‘n Things will have holiday projects, with the focus on Christmas and Halloween.
We will be constantly looking for techniques to introduce to our readers. Whenever possible, these will be stepped-out to insure successful completion of the project. We of course, will still offer you the tried and true techniques that remain popular. Beautiful photography will showcase each project.”

This magazine publishes 7 issue’s a year, each retails for only $5.99 US. You can subscribe for year for $21.97 US.

You can visit their site here-

In every issue your will find the following:
Editor’s Note * Contributors * Letters to the Editor * Rubber Stamper’s Studio * The Creative Spirit * Product Spotlight * Ask Sara * Great Finds * Design Focus * Reader Gallery * Turn Your Passion into Profit * Patterns * Buyer’s Guide * Techniques Tools Supplies * Bragging Writes-Coming Next

In the April Issue-
This month was their Home Decor Special issue! Full of sewing, needle arts & more.
I am honored to actually have a few item’s featured in this issue as well.

You will also find-
200+ Spring ideas, 100+ Rubber Stamping Ideas, Creative Gifts for UNDER $10, Everything you need to know about embossing powder, a NEW! Reader Gallery, and there is even an exclusive Paint with Donna Dewberry’s Tea Set!!

As you browse their page’s you will notice, as they stated, they have really stepped up their photographs, page layouts, and content. Each issue is full of amazing project’s and ideas, using a variety of crafts (hence the name!).

Behind the cover you will find project’s that go from stamping, to using photos in projects, then product spotlights to home decor. One skein knitting/crocheting projects, to sewing, cross stitch, needle felt, and quilting. There is even a beading feature! It is then onto recipes, and other gift ideas. In the back you can find many of the templates for the projects featured, as well as a more explicit directory of products used, listed by page.

I personally love this magazine because as a stamper/paper crafter, I find ways to get inspired to include these other crafts in with my stamping! It also gives me the incentive to actually try it out, without having to buy ANOTHER book, that is usually full of directions that are too complicated for me to even want to consider another hobby!

I hope you take the time to browse this magazine.
It won’t be one that you just sort through while waiting in line at the checkout. You will want to bring it home. And be sure to let us know what you think of Crafts ‘n Things magazine!

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