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CHA Mega Show 2015 | Lion Brand Yarn Fashion Show

The Lion Brand Yarn Fashion Show is always a big draw at the CHA Mega Show. It takes place right on the CHA show floor, in a part of the Lion Brand Yarn booth, and is hosted by Vanna White.

Vanna was introduced this year by Lion Brand CEO David Blumenthal, before the show began.

Vanna White Lion Brand

This year’s show was themed “You Can Do It!” and showcased items that were from easy to intermediate difficulty, and based on square and rectangle shapes for easy of construction.

Lion Brand Fashion Show

A total of a half dozen models strolled the catwalk in two half hour long shows for the CHA Mega Show 2015 crowd.


Let’s take a closer look at a few of the featured outfits in the show! All of the patterns can be downloaded for free from The pattern numbers and yarns are provided in the photo captions for reference.

Lion Brand Fashion Show 2015
#L40633 Knit Easy with 8 skeins Homespun (poncho), #L40548 Knit Intermediate with 1 ball of Zaps (hat), #L40685 Crochet Easy with 1 ball of Vanna’s Choice & 1 pkg of Vanna’s Palettes (gloves).
Lion Brand Fashion Show
#L40519 Knit Intermediate with 1 ball of Vanna’s Glamour & 8 balls of Modern Baby (tunic), #L40582 Knit Easy with 3 balls of Gold Leaf (cowl)
Lion Brand Fashion Show
#L40712 Knit Easy with 4 balls of Textures (tunic), #L40707 Crochet Easy with 10 balls of Textures (afghan).
Lion Brand Fashion Show
#L40600 Knit Intermediate with 16 balls of Vanna’s Choice
Lion Brand Fashion Show
#L40726 Knit Easy+ with 6 balls of Vanna’s Complement (poncho), #L40741 Crochet Easy with 1 ball of Macaroni (cowl)
Lion Brand Fashion Show
#L40601 Crochet Intermediate with 10 balls of Vanna’s Glamour (slip on), #L40036 Knit Beginner with 2 balls of Vanna’s Glamour (turban)
Lion Brand Fashion Show
L40659 Knit Intermediate with 10 balls of Modern Baby (pullover), #L32091 Crochet Easy with 1 package of bonbons (wristers), #L20245C Knit Easy with 1 package of bonbons (scarf).
Lion Brand Fashion Show
#L40686 Knit Intermediate with 4 balls of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (sweater), #L40698 Craft Beginner with 2 skeins of Quickie (cowl), #L40440 Knit Intermediate with 1 ball of Vanna’s Choice Baby, 11 balls of Vanna’s Choice , 6 balls of Unique (afghan)

Has the Lion Brand fashion show inspired you to create? What do you want to make?

A Snapshot Look at CHA Mega Show 2015

The Craft & Hobby Association held its CHA Mega Show 2015 last week in Anaheim, California. Industry professionals of all kinds came from around the world to learn, see new products and make connections. Here’s a peek at what we did!

Anaheim Convention Center

California might be a desert, but you couldn’t prove it from the weather during most of the show! It was grey and rainy in Anaheim during the majority of the show days. It was mostly just a light drizzle but wet enough to put a damper on walking in the area around the show venue.

Mod Podge demo

Perennial show favorites Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza were busy demonstrating for the Mod Podge brand in the Plaid booth.

Gelato Rainbow

Who can resist a rainbow? This rainbow of color is courtesy of Faber-Castell, showing off their new pastel and shimmer shades of Gelato medium!

Create and Craft TV

U.K channel Create and Craft TV, which just launched limited programming in the U.S on Dish Network and DirecTV, was broadcasting live to the U.S. and U.K. from the show floor at CHA Mega Show 2015. Many familiar industry faces made appearances during the broadcasts to promote their products.


Lion Brand had a photo area in their booth with a variety of scarves on hand so that attendees could partake in their #scarfie promotion on Instagram.

Vanna White David Blumenthal

Vanna White, who has her own line of yarn with Lion Brand, with CEO David Blumenthal at the annual Lion Brand fashion show on the CHA show floor.

Vanna White models

After the fashion show, Vanna posed for a photo with the beautiful models that showed off the fashions.

Helen Bradley

The invitation-only FaveCrafts Blogger Party on Saturday night at the Hilton was loads of fun, and a great chance to connect with brands and other bloggers. Helen Bradley and I enjoyed it to the max!

Tim Holtz

Some things never change – Tim Holtz always draws a crowd at the show for his wonderfully educational demonstrations of the latest Ranger products. Because he answers a lot of questions that take him off on unplanned tangents, Tim never does the same demonstration twice and so there’s always plenty to be learned from watching him.

Deflecto Cupcakes

Deflecto hosted a cupcake party in their booth to promote the release of their new cupcake and cake pop stand! It certainly made them the hottest location on the show floor while the cupcakes lasted (which wasn’t long with that crowd!)

Olivia Clover

One of the brands that attended the FaveCrafts party to chat with bloggers was Clover. Their representative, Olivia, and I had an exciting talk about the latest in ironing tools. (No, really.) Watch for more information coming soon on Craft Critique!

Mega Block Party

Despite the rainy weather, it was beautiful outside for the Mega Block Party on Friday night before the show opened. The party occupied the plaza between the Hilton and Marriott hotels in front of the convention center, and attendees could eat from several local food trucks, drink from bars, and dance to a live band.

Review | Lion Brand BonBons Yarn

Reported by Chel Micheline

Disclosure: This site is a participant in the affiliate program.


I usually choose bulky, nubby yarns to crochet with, but every so often I’ll go through a phase where all I want to do is crochet with “fine” or “sport weight” yarns (which are very thin in diameter and not very plush). The Bonbons yarns from Lion Brand are perfect for this. They come in a package of eight color coordinated mini-skeins, and are priced at $7.99 MSRP for a pack of eight skeins. While the skeins are quite small, the entire package is more than enough yarn to make a variety of projects. No, you won’t be able to crochet a large afghan with one package, but you will be able to make quite a variety of accessories and home decor projects.


I decided to crochet something I had never attempted before, a small iPod holder/cross-body purse for my daughter. She’s nine years old, and into anything bright and cheerful, so I figured the “Party” set with its intense color selection and bright metallic touches would be perfect for this project.

One of the key benefits of the BonBons is that the color palette is already figured out for you. I have been known to spend hours in the local craft store agonizing about color matches with yarn, so having the yarn colors come pre-selected is a wonderful time saver. I chose three from the pack for this project: red, pink, and purple. There was just enough of the yarn using just those three colors to complete the project.


As usual, I didn’t follow a pattern with my crochet. And since I don’t enjoy “crocheting in the round”, I realized that if I was going to make a purse, it needed to be shaped like a pouch or a pocket.

So the way I went about it was to simply crochet, in single crochet stitch, a 15″ long and 4.5″ wide rectangle- basically, a tiny scarf. I kept the gauge of my stitches VERY tight, because crochet does tend to stretch with use, and since I wasn’t going to be lining this purse, I wanted it to be sturdy.

To add some variation in design, I alternated colors every three rows.


When I was done with the basic rectangle, I folded it into three sections. The bottom two sections would form the front and back of the purse, and the top third would be the “flap” that folds over the front.

I used a simple crochet stitch with the purple yarn to “sew” the front and back panel together to make a pocket, and then went around the remainder of the purse with more of the purple yarn to give it a nice contrast piping.


Then I used the remaining pink yarn (plus a little from my stash) to make a thick strap, a strip of five rows of tight single crochet stitches about 35″ long. I edged the strap with contrasting colors of the Lion Brand BonBons, just for a little extra pop. Then I attached the strap to the back of the bag using a single crochet stitch.


My daughter is on vacation with her grandparents, so I haven’t been able to measure the purse on her and get the exact strap length, so I left one of the strap ends “unattached” and when she returns home I will fit the purse on her and attach the strap in a good spot so the purse sits cross-body at just below her waist.

While the purse is not exactly high-end couture, I’m fairly pleased with it considering I’ve never crocheted anything like it before and just sort of “went for it” as far as design and execution. And since my daughter loves handmade things (thank goodness for that, because pretty much everything I crochet ends up either on her bed or in her closet!) and she loves tiny purses, I think she’ll be happy with it.

 All in all, after working with them for this project, I really love the Lion Brand BonBons.


  • Pre-coordinated color sets
  • Enough yarn in one package to complete a variety of projects
  • Easy to work with
  • Great color and quality


  • A little bit price-y for the amount of yarn you get

 Lion Brand BonBons Yarn are available in seven variety packs: two acrylic packs (Brights,Pastels), two cotton packs (BeachNature), two metallic packs (PartyCelebrate) and one combination metallic/cotton pack that is holiday themed (Jingle Bells). The cotton and acrylic skeins are 28yds each, while the metallics are 38.3 yards. MSRP is $7.99/package.