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CHA Mega Show 2014 | Lion Brand’s 7 Wonders of the Yarn World

Lion Brand had an amazing and fascinating display in their booth at the CHA Mega Show 2014  – the seven wonders of the world recreated in yarn! It was kind of like the Rose Parade – only every surface was yarn instead of flowers!

Lion Brand 7 Wonders Booth

From a distance the display was awesome, but from close-up the detail was stunning. Each “wonder” was made with a different stitch and type of yarn, to show off Lion’s versatility.

The Mayan Pyramid was done with a stripe and chevron technique with Vanna’s Choice and Hometown USA yarns:

Lion Brand Mayan Ruins
Lion Brand Mayan Pyramid

The lace technique on the Leaning Tower of Pisa (made from Vanna’s Choice, Imagine, and Baby Soft yarns) was insanely detailed:

Lion Brand Tower of Pisa

The Taj Mahal had plenty of embellishment in it, created from Chenille, Festive Fur, Vanna’s Choice, Hometown USA, Jiffy, Tweed Stripes, Baby’s First, Vanna’s Glamour, and glitter ribbon.

Lion Brand Taj Mahal Closeup
Lion Brand Taj Mahal

These granny squares will make you flashback to your childhood…but I have to say, none of my childhood granny square wear was half this cool! The Great Wall of China was made from extra soft wool blend, Heartland, and Vanna’s Choice.

Lion Brand Great Wall of China

The textures on Stonehenge were amazing – the moss around the bottom looked real! It was created with Imagine, glitter eyelash, Fun Fur and Chenille.

Lion Brand Stonehenge

The Sphinx looked fierce! It was created in a Colorwork technique with Vanna’s Choice, Homespun, Vanna’s Glamour, Amazing, Vanna’s Colors, and glitter ribbon.

Lion Brand Sphinx

The Easter Island stones got nice warm cable knit sweaters to keep them warm, courtesy of Lion! They are made with Vanna’s Choice, Jiffy, and Wool-Ease Quick & Thick.

Lion Brand Easter Island

So which wonder is your favorite?

CHA Summer 2013 | School Colors: Lion Brand, Clearsnap

If you are looking to create team color items, you have some new options now thanks to Lion Brand and Clearsnap’s product introductions at Create-n-Connect in Las Vegas.

Lion Brand

Fall means football season, and bundling up for games. With the new school color yarns from Lion Brand, you can make your own hats, mittens, scarves, and even sweaters to wear to root on your favorite college team! The yarns are the latest additions to Lion’s Hometown USA yarn line. The bulky weight yarns are 100% acrylic, and available in 12 color schemes.

Lion Brand Hometown USA school colors

These two color schemes are familiar to any Michigan resident!


Here’s how a few of them look sampled into swatches:

Lion Brand Hometown USA school colors


If ink is more of what you need in your school colors, ColorBox has something for you! At Create-n-Connect, they released a selection of NCAA-licensed items.


First up is the stamps – two different versions for each school in the line, a tin set and a rollagraph version.


But of course you need inks to go with stamps, and there’s two different versions of those as well. There’s a dye inkpad (left, below) and a tattoo ink inkpad (right, below)  for temporary use on skin. Combine the tattoo pad with the stamp set and you can create festive game day face wear!


Review | Lion Brand Amazing Yarn

Reported by Kortney Gold

Disclosure: This site is a participant in the affiliate program.

Hi, my name is Kortney and I’m a yarn snob. Whew! It feels great to just get that out!

I’ve been a knitter for almost five years now. I’m the kind of person who sees a sweater and thinks to myself, “I’ll just make my own.” Mine usually have an extra sleeve or no head hole but who’s counting? I also like soft things. When I go to my local yarn store, I like to play a game called “Soft or Not Soft.” Life’s too short for scratchy yarn. When I received Lion Brand Amazing yarn to try I was pleasantly surprised. This yarn is 53% wool and 47% acrylic and passes the softness test.


The name Glacier Bay makes me think of icy blues but the available colors range from a deep violet to a sky blue. The self striping yarn has natural transitions between colors and gives a peaceful feel to each finished piece.

Maybe I shouldn’t give away all of my neuroses in one article, but I must confess that I don’t swatch – ever. I would rather take my chances with getting the gauge right on the first attempt than make certain I’m using the right materials for the job. This yarn is categorized as a worsted weight but I would say it’s more of a sport weight. It isn’t one of those yarns that switches consistency but I would say it’s a little on the thin side. I can only think of one complaint about this yarn. It’s really hard to unwind if you do make a mistake. The yarn has little fuzzy pieces that really make each piece bind together nicely but makes unraveling a nightmare.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this yarn. I noticed that it’s priced very fairly. I would gladly use it again. For this review, I used my newly acquired crochet skills to make a Crochet Flower Necklace as well as a pair of Crochet Yoga Socks. I really love how both of these projects turned out.

Crochet Flower Necklace
yoga sock


  • Natural color transitions
  • Very soft even with the wool content
  • Binds together well
  • Good value


  • Hard to unravel
  • A little thin for worsted weight – more like a sport weight yarn

Lion Brand Amazing yarn is available in 21 different colors. It sells for an MSRP of $8.29 per skein through the Lion Brand website, local yarn retailers, and national retailers including Walmart,, and Joann’s.