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Vendor Spotlight: Martha Stewart Glitter Comparison

Reported by Marti Wills

Martha Stewart Glitters reviewed:

Martha Stewart Crafts essential Colors Glitter 24 piece set

Ultra fine iridescent glitter

Tinsel iridescent glitter

Vintage leaf glitter

That is a lot of glitter. The array of colors is amazing in the Martha Stewart line of glitters, and each one of them is gorgeous.

Now I am familiar with the usual style of glitter – the fine and ultra fine glitters – I have been playing with them for as long as I can remember. So what are Tinsel and Leaf glitters? The same fabulous glittering material but cut in a different way:


The picture above shows all three styles of the same color glitter – Kunzite. The different styles give very distinctively different looks. Tinsel glitter is shaped like small slivers. When it is used it gives the texture of the traditional fuzzy look of Christmas tinsel garland. The Leaf glitter is shaped like flakes and is much larger than the other two types. In the picture above I used the Leaf glitter on white paper like the other two, and then also used it on a pale pink paper as well. Using colored paper does enhance the look of the glitters but I used white paper in the sample to show you the differences in the shape and look of the glitters.
Whoops… I mean the one on the right is on pale pink paper!

The iridescent glitters have additional sparkle that is really amazing.

You can see the difference above between the two styles – fine and tinsel – above.

My sample pieces are die cuts done on my Cricut. Then I ran them through my Xyron and sprinkled them with glitter. This is an easy and fast way to add some sparkle to a project!

I also covered some chipboard pieces with glitter. To do this I covered them with Glossy Accents and then sprinkled the glitter on.

This was bare chipboard so you can see how well these glitters cover!

One technique I really love to do when covering chipboard in glitter is to add another layer of Glossy accents on top of the glitter. This gives you a sort of epoxy look while still letting the amazing sparkle of these glitters shine through. Below you can see the difference – The Glossy Accents is on the right side.

This one also has the layer of Glossy Accents on top:

Another bonus of this technique is that the glitter really stays put!

I used both the fine glitter and the tinsel glitter on this card:


Here you can see the almost fuzzy texture of the tinsel glitter and the glossy glittering look of the chipboard butterfly:

My card also features some of the wonderful Martha Stewart designer papers. These pads are neat – patterned papers with glitter accents already applied, as well as coordinating solids, and glossy sheets that look almost like vinyl.

The band of tinsel glitter is easy to create. Simply take a strip of Scor Tape and lay it on your project:

Then peel off the paper cover and sprinkle on the glitter. Because of the unique, larger shape of the Tinsel glitter you may notice uncovered spaces along your item you have glittered. Simply sprinkle on fine glitter in the same color and your coverage is complete.

I have another one for you – one of my favorite background techniques using fine glitter:

The background on this card uses two colors of glitter – the blue (blueberry slush) & the gold (yellow barite).

Begin by cutting a piece of white cardstock the size of your background piece. Cut a piece of double stick Wonder Tape the same size. Peel the backing off and stick it to your white cardstock.

Next peel off the covering on the sticky paper & take a piece of lace with a prominent design and place it on top of the sticky Wonder Tape. You must be sure every bit of the lace is flat and adhered well to your paper – this will be your mask.

Now cover the entire thing with your background color and spread it over all of the exposed stickiness.
Carefully peel your lace mask off (be sure you do not have glitter on your fingers.)

Now cover your piece again with the second color of glitter covering all of the stickiness exposed when you pulled back the lace.
Now you have a gorgeous glittering background. To really set the glitter in place and minimize the mess, spray the piece with a light coating of Workable Fixative.


  • The glitter factor for all of these is very, very good.
  • The range of colors is amazing.
  • The removable shaker tops are wonderfully handy for glitter work AND clean up.


  • Messy (as all loose glitter is.)
  • Having never played with something like the Leaf glitter I was unsure how to use it and was hoping for some tips or project ideas for it on the Martha Stewart website but there was nothing on it.
  • Loose glitter is really messy (yes – times 2.)

Do you use any of Martha Stewart’s amazing glitters? Do you have a favorite project or technique? Do you have any fun ideas for me using the glitter flakes? We’d love to hear from you!