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Martha Stewart Week Winners!

We hope you enjoyed our Martha Stewart Crafts week.  Here is a list of winners for the entire week, check to see if you’ve won!

Winner of the Martha Stewart Scoring Board is…

Linda said…
I have had my eye on the MS scorer and haven’t been able to find one at my local stores. What a great review. I like the idea of making matching envelopes for my cards.

Winner of the Martha Stewart Punch Around The Page is…

Elle The Heiress said…
I’ve never really used punches because I felt like they would be a redundant use of money since I have a Cricut; however, these edge & corner punches are something that none of my Cricut cartridges can produce. I am very excited, especially about the set that you used on the first card to create a frame for your stamp & sentiment! I’m going to run to Michael’s this week to check them out.

Winner of the Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors is…

Donna said…
I haven’t tried or seen these scissors before. They look like lots of fun. I adore the grass idea for Easter and summertime projects. Not sure what else I would do with them.

Winner of the Martha Stewart Cricut Cake Machine is…

Yaritza said…
I’m a hobiest. I normally make all the cakes for families birthday parties so this would be great to make them fancier and to be able to cut muliples of the shapes at one time. I normally use the Fondant shape cutters and that can take a while. I can hit cut and move to my next task while this baby does the work for me. Sounds like a dream come true. Thanks for the chance to win.

Winner of the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter is…

Scrap It Girl said…
I would love to try out the MS circle cutter.. I currently use punches, Cricut, and the CM circle cutter.. since I teach scrapbooking at Michael’s It would be nice to use the MS circle cutter for class, then they can buy it there!

Winner of the Martha Stewart Gift Boxes and Bags is…

cgl1539 said…
I am looking for some treat bags and boxes for Christmas. I was going to make my own but these are really easy. Thanks for the tips on other uses!

If your name appears above and you are a winner, please email us at with your name and address as well as the product you have won in the subject of your email.  Congrats to all the winners!

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Pro-Tips From Martha Stewart Crafts Professionals

We’re home now, but while on our Martha Stewart Crafts Getaway Weekend, we were privileged to get the inside scoop from the Martha Stewart Craft Editors.  Nothing like hanging out at the pool with crafty gurus sharing all their tips and tricks.  It was cool enough to meet these amazing ladies but to have them share some of their vast craft knowledge was the ultimate experience.
We brought back some of their coolest and craftiest tips for you!
Jodi Levine and Hannah Milman sharing some of the inspiration behind their projects for Martha Stewart Craft

Meet the amazing ladies from The Crafts Department that were on-hand to create, teach, and inspire.

Here are some pro-tips from the masters!

Hannah Milman
SVP Exec Editorial Director Holiday and Crafts

1.  Create snow globes this holiday season with an old jar and a simple recipe.  Mix water and glycerin and just a pinch of glitter to your old jar.  Affix plastic or ceramic figures to the inside of the lid with cement glue.  Attach the lid to the jar with silicone.  This is a great project to get the kids involved with or children of all ages.

2.  If you want to wow your guests at your next holiday party, you can add some sugared flowers to your cake.  Adding something as sophisticated as edible flowers like pansies or snapdragons will spark interest amongst your guests.  Whisk one egg white with one teaspoon of water and begin by carefully painting the mixture on the backside of the flower.  If you are leery about using raw egg, you can also substitute with freeze dried eggs.  Dust with superfine sugar.  Repeat the process on the top of the flower, working slowly as to not tear the petals and again dust with sugar.  Dry the flowers overnight on a parchment lined baking sheet.  Store in an airtight container.  Now, just add some to your favorite cupcake or cake or even store bought dessert and voila, your guests are amazed.

3.  Before covering a piece completely with glitter, tint your glue with a little acrylic paint or dye ink.  That way, should a bit of glitter fall off your project, the color will still remain and it will be less noticeable.  When creating completely glittered ornaments, this tip is a must-do!

Jodi Levine
Kids Editorial Director and Designer for Martha Stewart Crafts

1.  I am always taking used but clean copier paper home from the recycle bin at work. My kids draw a lot. You’ll often find a (non-confidential) memo or expense report on the back of their artwork!!!

2.  We recycle lots more junk into crafts, like paper towel and toilet paper tubes.  My boys and I use them for making cars (with plastic bottle cap wheels) and castle towers.  We came home from the museum one day and were inspired to make totem poles and the paper towel tube was the perfect base!  You can use them to make cute bracelets too.

3.  Another recycled craft we loved: Styrofoam tray prints!  We save the trays that fruit or meat is sometimes packed on.  If you don’t have Styrofoam trays you can use cut pieces of corrugated cardboard glued to another piece of cardboard. You ink up the raised cut shapes on top and create these abstract rose prints.

Lauren Murphy
Crafts Department Assistant/Glitter Queen

1.  When covering an item completely with glitter, it is best to double glitter!  Cover your entire piece with glittering glue and then glitter, allow to dry then add another layer of glue and glitter.  This will ensure that there are no bald spots on your piece.
Perfect for making Ombre Glittered Bells.

2.  When working with glitter, mix up those colors!  You can create a whole new color by mixing several tones.  If you are working on a vintage project, mix in a little metallic to your color to give it an Old World feel.  Add gold glitter to your warm toned colors and silver to your cool tones.

3.  When using several colors of glitter on a project, use cupcake liners to hold your glitter.  The liners are lined with wax, thus anti-static, and great for getting that glitter back into the bottle when you are finished.

We can’t say enough good things about these talented women, or about what a wonderful time we had at the Beaches Resort on Turks and Caicos. Hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures! Check back soon for our list of Martha Stewart Week Winners!

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Martha Stewart Crafts Studio: Scrapbook Class

Reported by Simone Collins
Photography by Chris Foresman

What better way to preserve the memories from an amazing vacation to the Caribbean than with a scrapbook page? At the Martha Stewart Crafts Studio at the Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos, guests can create a page and add their own special touches and memories.

Using the new Punch Around The Page and Craft punches, this simply designed page can be recreated for your vacation memories—or just adapt the techniques and create your own design.

8×8 Cardstock
Foam Dots
To create this 8 x 8″ page, you are not only going to need your base cardstock piece but also cardstock in these sizes: 4 x 8″, 5 x 5″, and 1 1/2 x 3 1/4″.
Using a Martha Stewart Edge Punch, start in the center of your 4″ x 8″ piece of cardstock and begin punching.  It is important to use the guidelines and work carefully to ensure the guides are aligned when continuing to punch the entire edge.

Adhere this piece of punched cardstock to your 8 x 8″ base using a glue stick.
Take your 5 x 5″ piece of cardstock and punch all four corners with the corner punch from your Punch Around The Page set. Make sure the “wings” of the punch are fully open before you beginning punching.

Now, with your edge punch from the Punch Around The Page set, line up the corners using the special corner guides and finish off the complete square. The sets work with a variety of specific sizes, many of which are listed in the packaging of your set. Use foam dots to adhere the photo matte to the base, be sure to place one in the center as well as all four corners.
Use this same technique to create the title piece with the 1 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ piece of cardstock.  Adhere to base using foam dots.

Punch the title letters as well as your embellishments from cardstock using the craft punches.

Adhere your punches to the base using a glue pen or foam dots to create character on your page.

In order to center your title on the title matte, place the middle letter in the word or phrase your mounting to the base first and build your word from there.

 You can add bakers twine to an anchor to create a special touch or even glitter with a glue pen or the new glitter glue.

Here are some other variations on this theme:

What was the last vacation you scrapbooked? Got any tips or techniques to get those pictures out of the envelopes and onto the scrapbook page? We would love to hear about it!
Read all about our entire Martha Stewart Trip at the Beaches Resort including more project tutorials and our Martha Stewart Craft product reviews. And don’t miss the daily giveaways!
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