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Review | Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint

One of the first Martha Stewart Paints products that I wanted to try was the chalkboard paint. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved chalkboards and chalk and anything involving the two. Martha’s chalkboard paint comes in 6 oz bottles available in four different colors: black, grey, blue, and green.

For my first project I decided to paint some terra cotta flower pots so that I could label their contents and organize some of my bulkier items. This was one of the suggested products for the paint, and since I had an abundance of flower pots, I thought it would be a great way to test out the new paint. Continue Reading →

CHA Winter 2012 | Martha Stewart Crafts for EK Success

We know you love EK Success’ Martha Stewart Line.  I’m happy to report they have a new line of products coming out.  MSLO celebrity Alex Peruzzi showed us around…

Introducing, Martha Stewart Crafter’s Clay and silicone molds…

This is an air dry clay that is very lightweight and versatile. It’s extremely soft and smooth.  You can mold it, sculpt with it, paint it, or even add glitter to it. The end result is an embellishment you can use on papercrafts, jewelry, or home decor items.

Using the white base clay, add a little bit of color to make the shade you seek.  A color chart comes with the clay.

Press the clay into the silicone mold with the sculpting tools…

Pop it out of the mold.  It’s a soft clay that really holds its shape.  I handled this clay before it dried and it remained flexible but didn’t pick up my fingerprints.

Glue the embellishment in place when it is dry…

Best of all are these floral kits.  They include step-by-step instructions on how to create these amazing flowers…
These look real!
So what do you think of Crafter’s Clay?  What would you create?