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Book Review | Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids

Reported by Cassandra Darwin

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Martha Stewart is definitely one of a reigning queens in the crafting world. Since I have always enjoyed her cook books and crafting projects, I was excited to receive her new book “Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Projects for Kids of All Ages to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share“.


I took a quick look through the book before deciding on a project that my almost 3-year-old daughter and I could do together.


Although this craft (gluing cotton balls to a pre-cut shape) was just the right speed for my daughter, she lost interest before we got to the second side of the sheep. I was envisioning making a few of these and then turning them into a mobile to hang from the ceiling.

Martha Stewart Crafts for Kids: Cotton Ball Sheep

I also want to be sure to mention that there are many crafts in here that are not specifically for kids.  In fact, I went through the entire book and made a list of all the projects that I want to do for myself or make as gifts for Christmas this year.


I especially love the list of supplies at the end of the book.  If a project calls for a supply that you are not familiar with you can look it up for a better description as well as helpful hints on where to buy the supplies.  Although most of the projects on my list will use up the supplies I already have, which is great!


  • Well thought-out instructions and diagrams/templates included for every project
  • Lots of pictures of the projects and kids using the projects – which my daughter loves to see
  • The crafts in this book use common supplies that you will likely already have, and can be made for a variety of occasions


  • Lacking any kind of indication for age groups that can work on each project (an index with age groups or a range listed on each project would have been very helpful)
  • I would like to see more projects for the “under age 5” crowd

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Projects for Kids of All Ages to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share” is available online and in store with an MSRP of $24.99 (Buy it on for $17.48).  It features 175 projects for kids and adults.  Have you seen it or tried any of the projects?

Review | Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint

Reported by Christian Tamez

One of the first Martha Stewart Paints products that I wanted to try was the chalkboard paint. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved chalkboards and chalk and anything involving the two. Martha’s chalkboard paint comes in 6 oz bottles available in four different colors: black, grey, blue, and green.

For my first project I decided to paint some terra cotta flower pots so that I could label their contents and organize some of my bulkier items. This was one of the suggested products for the paint, and since I had an abundance of flower pots, I thought it would be a great way to test out the new paint.

Leaving the top rim of the flower pot plain terra cotta, and using the black color, I painted on the first coat, and set it to dry. The paint coated the surface well, and was easy to work with. The paint itself, I thought, was not too thick and not too thin, I had no worries of drips or splatters from this paint.

In between applying the different coats of paint (3 total), I was happy to find that the paint easily washed out of my brush with water, and left no stain whatsoever in my kitchen sink.

You’re instructed to wait an hour between coats and to let the painted project dry completely for at least 24 hours. Once the paint is completely dry you’re supposed to cure the paint by rubbing chalk over the surface of your project. Then you’re ready to draw, label, sketch, whatever you want on the flower pots.


For my second project I got a 2′ x 2′ piece of plywood from the hardware store and painted the entire surface with the black chalkboard paint, following the paints instructions, I applied three coats, (the instructions only call for two coats, but I preferred three) and let it dry overnight.


I marked out some guide points to help me divide the surface into a calendars grid.

Martha’s paint line has some great accessories, one happens to be something called “Patterning Tape” basically a very thin blue painters tape. You get two different widths in each package and for this project I used the 1/8″ tape to divide out my grid.

Once I marked out the grid, I used the grey chalkboard paint and applied three separate coats over the tape. I made sure to let the paint dry for one hour in between each coat, and before removing the blue tape.

Once the tape was removed I let everything dry for 24 hours. Then I repeated the process of curing the surface of my project by rubbing chalk over the entire surface.

The chalk easily wiped off with a damp towel. Then I filled in the information for the month and a few important dates and set out my new calendar!


  • Great quality paint, smooth, nice viscosity.
  • Secure bottle design, I don’t feel like the lid is going to accidentally pop off in storage.
  • Easy clean up.


  • Limited color selection.
  • The 6oz bottle is larger than most of the other paints in the collection but would be nice to have larger bottles.
  • Getting leftover paint back into the bottle is hard, even after you pop off the top. The actual opening into the bottle is fairly small.

Have you tried Martha Stewart’s new chalkboard paint? Tell us what kind of projects you’re making! Leave us a comment and let us know!

CHA Winter 2012 | Martha Stewart Crafts for EK Success

Reported by Sarah Moore, Founding Editor

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We know you love EK Success’ Martha Stewart Line. I’m happy to report they have a new line of products coming out. MSLO celebrity Alex Peruzzi showed us around…

Introducing, Martha Stewart Crafter’s Clay and silicone molds…

This is an air dry clay that is very lightweight and versatile. It’s extremely soft and smooth. You can mold it, sculpt with it, paint it, or even add glitter to it. The end result is an embellishment you can use on papercrafts, jewelry, or home decor items.

Using the white base clay, add a little bit of color to make the shade you seek. A color chart comes with the clay.

Press the clay into the silicone mold with the sculpting tools…

Pop it out of the mold. It’s a soft clay that really holds its shape. I handled this clay before it dried and it remained flexible but didn’t pick up my fingerprints.

Glue the embellishment in place when it is dry…

Best of all are these floral kits. They include step-by-step instructions on how to create these amazing flowers…

These look real!

So what do you think of Crafter’s Clay? What would you create?