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First Look | ImpressArt Handwritten Style Metal Stamps

Impress Art Metal Lettering Stamps

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Handwriting fonts are hot, and not just in the scrapbooking world. At the CHA Show in January, ImpressArt debuted two new fonts to add to their collection of Metal Lettering Stamps. Their two new whimsical handwritten style stamp sets in fonts called “Juniper” and “Lollipop” are evocative of current typography trends.

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Vendor Spotlight: Stamped Metal Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly

Reported by Samantha Piette

I have always held a special place in my heart for personalized items. I’ve seen metal stamped jewelry getting more and more popular lately and knew I needed to try it.

I did some research and found The founder and owner, Lisa, has done a fantastic job introducing crafters to jewelry making and metal stamping. She even includes a free online class for metal stamping beginners.

When I heard Lisa was coming out with a book on metal stamping, I knew it was something I HAD to check out. There is so much to learn, and I knew (through her site and classes) that if anyone was going to teach us about metal stamping, it’s her.

Her book Stamped Metal Jewelry: Creative Techniques & Designs for Making Custom Jewelry is 135 pages of instruction and inspiration. It’s pure eye candy for anyone looking to add metal stamping to their jewelry making.

The first 37 pages of the book cover the supplies you need and their uses (different tools for different techniques) as well as a few techniques and a simple how-to to get started stamping. It goes into detail about each tool, which is very helpful if you want to try something on your pieces but have no idea how to get the effect you want. This way, you know exactly which tools you will need to purchase.

The rest of the book includes 19 step-by-step projects. Lisa covers every type of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and even a leather cuff which would be perfect for a Father’s Day present. The style of the different projects range from simple to complicated, and from clean to grungy. Definitely something for everyone.

The book also includes an instructional DVD featuring over 30 minutes of Lisa herself demonstrating techniques and showing essential tools and how to use them. The DVD also includes a bonus project that Lisa walks you through step by step.

Using one of the first projects in the book (I am a beginner, after all) I made this pendant which says “CREATE.” I used a basic 1/4″ block letter economy stamping set and a sterling silver disc.

I have to say, I have been trying to learn how to stamp metal for a while now and had not been getting the results I wanted. Either the letters were really crooked or inconsistent or they just didn’t look ‘right.’ After reading Lisa’s book, not only am I inspired to create more, but I learned some really (really!) helpful tips that have helped me get the results I wanted.


  • The beginning of the book is perfect for beginners and gives a very good introduction to products and techniques.
  • Every project is broken down step by step with photos. They are very easy to follow so anyone can make the items Lisa has shown in the book.
  • Lisa includes little bonus tips on how to make certain pieces more personalized, including a list of inspiring words, as well as how to say different meaningful phrases in different languages.
  • Everything Lisa uses in her book is available to purchase on her website,, she even offers kits for beginners.
  • A great value for $24.95 (includes 20 projects plus an instructional DVD.)


  • If you have never made jewelry before this book may be too advanced for you.
  • Getting started with metal stamping can be expensive (as is any hobby, really.) A non-basic letter set starts at around $90.

Stamped Metal Jewelry: Creative Techniques and Designs for Making Custom Jewelry is also available from

Do you love making jewelry? Have you ever wanted to try stamping on metal? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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The EuroTool Metal Screw Punch

If you work with metal blanks for stamping or other creative uses, you may have noticed that many bead stores and websites offer metal blanks with no hole in them to attach a jump ring.

The EuroTool Metal Screw Punchpunches two different sized holes which work really well on a variety of jewelry projects. Buying blanks without holes allows more creative options and is less costly. This tool replaces a drill, and eliminates the shavings that result from drilling into metal.

This tool couldn’t be more easy to use. It is essentially a 2 step process to punch holes in your metal piece. The two pieces turn like screws to either punch through the metal or to release it after you have already punched.

First, place the piece of metal you would like to punch into the tool. You can tell where the hole will be punched by looking at the side of the tool and seeing the reflection of the tool in the metal.

Second, turn the screw so that it advances down onto the metal. Continue turning until you feel that the metal is punched all the way through. Do not keep turning as the tool could scratch your metal. Next, unscrew the tool so that it completely releases your newly punched metal piece! It is important to unscrew until the piece is released instead of pulling it out so that unnecessary pressure is not put on the tip of the screw.

The EuroTool Metal Punch punches two different sizes of circles in metals. A 12 gauge circle (2.3mm) and a 14 gauge circle (1.6mm). I punched both sizes in this copper sheet to give you an idea of the sizes (the quarter is shown for scale.)

Many projects can be made using punched metal pieces. I use them primarily with metal stamps, either letter sets or design stamps. Here is a simple project where I punched two holes in a small round silver blank and stamped an ‘S’ on it with a bead.

A unique project, the EuroTool Metal Screw Punchcan easily go through a penny (since it is made of copper). I punched a hole in the top of the penny and stamped the word ‘LUCKY’ and then attached it to a keychain.


  • Very fast and simple to use
  • No metal shavings left over (which you have if you use a drill)
  • Affordable price; approximately $27.00 $15.00
  • Punches through all metals typically used for jewelry making (sterling silver, copper, etc…)


  • Takes a little bit of practice so that the screw is not tightened too much and scratches the metal
  • Does not punch all metal (I tried it on a metal washer from a home improvement store and the metal was too strong)

Do you have this tool and use it often? Have you found another tool that works similarly that you would recommend? Let us know!