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Easter Candy Bags – Silhouette Giveaway & Promotion!

I absolutely love designer Lori Whitlock’s cut file designs for the Silhouette machine. The series of candy boxes that I am showing you today on  here and on Scrapbook Update are beautiful examples of why I have a Silhouette library that is bursting full of her designs. (And be sure to read to the end to hear about the latest Silhouette giveaway and promotion!)

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Vendor Spotlight & Book Review: Handmade Weddings; Chronicle Books

Reported by Morgan Novak

Here’s another look at this great book!

When “Handmade Weddings 50 Crafts to Style and Personalize Your Big Day” arrived in the mail, I was expecting a really well put together, inspiring book because it’s from Chronicle. I was also expecting 50 cute crafts to style a wedding, because it was created by Eunice & Sabrina Moyle, of Hello! Lucky (an awesome stationary & letterpress company) and Shana Faust (former Deputy Style Editor at Martha Stewart Weddings) and because, y’know, it says so right there in the title! But this book completely surpassed my expectations!

Those of you who know me might be thinking, “Did I miss something? Did he put a ring on it?!” the answer is no, haha. Handmade Weddings might have wedding in the title, but the information and projects included are not only awesome for weddings, but crazy easy to translate into all types of parties and even everyday home decor as well! Plus, how could anyone resist this adorable video?

Let’s start at the very beginning! Handmade Weddings doesn’t throw you in the deep end, it starts you off easy, with really interesting sections on finding inspiration and narrowing down your style, unexpected places to source materials for your projects, how to decide what to DIY and what to buy, rent or borrow and a handy checklist of the things you will need to have for your special day.
I really love how the ladies emphasize how important it is that you only DIY what you can handle (keeping in mind time constraints, your budget and how much crafty help you have) and are sure to remind you that your wedding should be fun, not stressful, and not a crafting obligation! I also really appreciated how easily the section on finding inspiration and narrowing down your aesthetic applies to fashion, home decor, or even finding your crafting style.
So, into the (not so) deep end we go! Let’s get to the crafting! The projects are broken up into 6 sections, each of which is a specific wedding style complete with color scheme, inspiration and even suggested fonts, venues, textures and details! Not only do these 6 wedding styles; Retro Homespun, Girly Romantic, Happy Graphic, Organic Minimal, Modern Classic, and Found each include 8 to 10 projects, but at the end of each project they also suggest easy ways for you to adjust the project to fit a couple of the other styles as well. That’s a whole lot of crafting possibilities!
I decided to make a strand of the Cupcake Liner Pom-Poms first! The beginning of each project very clearly maps out the level of difficulty, the amount of time the project should take and when you should start working on it, the budget and even maps out what should be happening at each station if it’s suggested as a group project. It also lets you know if there are any free templates you will need from the book’s website.

Since I was only planning on making one strand I just did a little re-figuring of what supplies would be needed, nixed the group effort and ordered up my cupcake liners from one of their suggested sources. I found the directions clear and easy to understand and the diagrams were really helpful when I was trying to figure out exactly how a certain step was supposed to come together.

After a few hours of flattening and gluing cupcake liners, and with a little help from my boyfriend, I had a super cute garland of pom-poms for our dining room/corner. Although this project was more time consuming than I thought it would be (they did try to warn me) I could see making these again for a shower, party or other fun event for someone that I really, really like.
Next I decided to get really creative and combine two of the projects into a sort of hybrid home decor project. I loved the idea of the Punched Paper Flower Centerpiece…

… but decided to add more texture by swapping out the paper flowers for the the felt ones from the Felt Bud Boutonnieres project.

I am definitely not the sewing type, and I have the pile of unused fat quarters to prove it, but the directions easily guided me through creating cute felt flower buds to bloom from my branches. And, of course I had to go ahead and put a bird on it!

I also fell in love with the idea of these beautiful Terrarium Place Cards & Favors and was totally charmed by the chalkboard painted stick.

But, I have the complete opposite of a green thumb so I decided to cheat on this one a little and just make one of the terrariums at work into a talking terrarium. Wouldn’t it be fun to change the message from time to time based on your little plant’s mood?

There are a whole bunch more projects from Handmade Weddings that I can’t wait to incorporate into our decor or a random party like the cupcake stand, decal water bottle table numbers, crepe paper cracker favors, silhouette signs, and decoupage votives. And, as hard to believe as it may be, Handmade Weddings still has even more to offer after the all the projects! The Appendixes are chock full of more great information including; an expansive list of resources for materials, a glossary of tools, a wedding planning timeline and even the correct etiquette for assembling and addressing your invitations.

I honestly can not recommend Handmade Weddings highly enough. I am not one to hold on to a lot of crafting idea books, but this is one that I am sure I will be using a lot! There so much inspiration to be found in its pages and I’m really excited to keep crafting with it!

Vendor Spotlight: Martha Stewart Double Edge Punch

Reported by Taylor Usry

I received a Martha Stewart Double Edge Punch (along with some wonderful paper) from Martha Stewart Crafts recently, and jumped at the chance to test this new product out. The punch I’m sharing with you today is called the Bangle Chain Deep Double Edge punch; there are several other styles available in stores and online.

I started by comparing the overall size of the double edge punch to several of the other Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page edge punches I currently own. Wow – this new double edge punch is much bigger! You can see above how much taller it is.

Here are the punches viewed from the front. The beefier one on the left is the Double Edge Punch.

Looking down at the punches it is easy to see the difference in length as well. For this shot I unfolded the sides of both punches. The Double Edge Punch also has a heavier weight than a regular edge punch, and a larger handle.

The Double Edge Punch is very simple to use. When viewed from underneath, you should see the wrong side of your paper – so you put the paper in the punch right side up (the side you want to see on your project).

It take a bit more force to squeeze this punch, but that is attributable to its considerable heft. I often hold my regular punches upside down to punch them, and that made this one a bit harder for me to squeeze (Note: I have nerve damage in one arm, which is why I do it this way. They are designed to just press down on). It still punches through card stocks and patterned papers just as well as the regular Martha Stewart edge punches. To line up the design and punch correctly, you want to make sure to place the punched-out image directly above the guidelines. In the picture above, you can see some of the cream-colored punch base. That is the incorrect placement for your paper.

Always line up your punched paper as shown above, precisely over top of the cream-colored outline. This will ensure a perfect punch!

The finished piece is about an inch and a half thick, as you can see when it’s placed on my Martha Stewart Scoring Board. Isn’t that wood grain paper gorgeous? It’s from the In Nature collection, and I was lucky enough to receive it in my goodie box from the kind folks at Martha Stewart Crafts!

Here’s another close up shot of the intricate design of this punch. You can see how cleanly the punch operates. There are no jagged or frayed edges, and every segment lines up really well, thanks to those guides on either side of the punch.

I made a few quick projects using this punch. The first were little paper cone treat holders for party favor treats (my son’s first birthday party was this weekend, and this seemed like a great idea for kids of different ages!). Doesn’t this Double Edge Punch make a gorgeous handle? And I love the yellow paper (also from the In Nature collection).

I also made a simple, botanical-themed card. I used the punched piece in lieu of ribbon, and set it with jumbo eyelets to create a raised ripple effect.

On the edge I placed a little butterfly, created using a Martha Stewart Stamp and Punch set. I love that Martha’s products work well together.

I am absolutely enamored with this Deep Double Edge Punch from Martha Stewart Crafts! It punches a variety of card stocks and patterned papers quickly and cleanly, and the possibilities are endless with it. I’ll be able to easily make borders for scrapbook pages, cards, altered and 3D items….my head is positively swimming with ideas!


  • able to create quick borders and accents
  • easy to use guides make proper punching a breeze
  • available in a variety of designs
  • larger size doesn’t fit in the same drawer as my other punches (I’m being nitpicky, I know!)
  • due to the heavier weight of this, it may be a bit harder to squeeze the handle together
  • I’d like to see this offered in matching patterns to existing edge punches, so people (ok, ME!) can create sets of coordinating items
The Deep Double Edge Punch is available online and in retail stores, and will jump right into your shopping cart with a budget-friendly MSRP of $17.99. 
Do you have one of these punches, or have you tried one before? Tell me all about it! What amazing projects have you made with it?

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