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Vendor Spotlight & Giveaway: Martha Stewart Scoring Board (2 of 2)

Reported by Peggy Marsh

This tool from Martha Stewart Crafts is really more than a simple scoring board. It’s a terrific gadget to add to your arsenal of tools. And we know how much we love our crafting tools! I’ve wanted to get my hands on this new toy for some time now.

There is a small panel at the top that houses the boning folder when not in use. Also, adhered inside is a decal with measurements for handmade envelopes and boxes. The instructions are in English, and the owner can substitute labels for Spanish or French instructions, as appropriate.
The envelope guide stores neatly (upside down) in the bottom of the scoreboard. What a handy tool that is!
I started out testing the envelope feature using a 8.5 x 8.5″ piece of designer paper to make a 5.5″ x 6″ envelope.
Simply scored following the directions on the guide…
and used a tape runner to secure the sides…
Easy peasy!!
Then I scored a 1″ x 9″ piece of cardstock at every 1/4″ increment…
Secured the ends together with a bit of craft glue…

…to create this pinwheel as a 3-D embellishment for my card.

And, here’s the card set together.

How great is that to have a card with matching envelope?

  • Because the Martha Stewart bone folder is slimmer than other bone folders, it goes deeper into the scoring grooves and closer to the top fence of the board. As a result it makes crisper, more pronounced score lines.
  • Very reasonably priced at a retail cost of $19.99 and since it’s available at Michaels, you can use a 40% off coupon.
  • The envelope guide tool is included and neatly stores away when not in use.
  • No additional instructions are needed for making envelopes… it’s VERY simple to use and took less than a minute to create a 5.5″ square card for my project.


  • Because the bone folder is slim, it can cut through some finer papers when scoring.
  • The English measurements for the envelopes and boxes are already attached when you purchase it. It is on the top portion of the housing for the bone folder. The way it is attached makes it almost impossible to read unless you pick up the board and get it to eye level.

The kind folks at EK Success Brands will be giving one lucky winner their very own Martha Stewart Scoring Board. To enter, just leave a comment on one of the Vendor Spotlight: Martha Stewart Scoring Board. Answer any one of these questions in the Comments Section right below this article on our website.

Do you currently own a scoring tool?  What do you love or hate about it?

One comment per person, per article, please. You have until Sunday, November 21st 6pm CST to enter.


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More Quilled Flowers – Cuttlebug by Provo Craft

Reported by Peggy Marsh

With 3-D flowers such a hot ticket in the card-making and paper world, and paper quilling making its way to cards and paper crafts, here’s some fairly new products that I had to investigate. Cuttlebug Quilling Kits!

There’s three styles that Cuttlebug currently offers that I discovered… daisy, rose/carnation and chrysanthemum (as shown below, left to right).

Each kits include: 1 quilling pen, 4 cutting dies, 10 floral wires, a laminated instruction sheet and even a flower sample.  For my review, I focused on the daisy kit.

To make the flowers using this kit, you would need a Cuttlebug, Big Shot, or some other similar embossing machine and embossing plates.
In the photo below, the blue plate is the cutting plate and petals were cut from the peach paper using this plate.
 Simply stack the different pieces of cut petals…
Then wind together tightly using the quilling tool. Add a bit of craft glue to the bottom of the quilled flower to secure.
Cut leaves using the leaf embossing plate and add to the flower.
These make great embellishments for card-making and paper projects..

For those of you who are quilling enthusiasts…what a great addition to your craft supplies! For those who haven’t ventured into quilling yet, this is definitely worth trying.


  • Custom make flowers and foliage to match card stock and designer papers to your handmade projects.
  • A fast alternative to making hand-cut pieces to create your own type of flowers.
  • In my opinion, adds more than a silk flower to paper projects.
  • Available at local scrapbook stores. I haven’t seen these in large craft hobby shops yet.


  • Instructions aren’t very clear about the number of strips to cut and use to create the petal portion of the flower.
  • Instructions should explain the need to stagger the petals before rolling.
  • One of the dies is almost the exact size of a piece of cardstock at 8 7/16″ making it hard to fit the paper. You could use a 12″x12″ piece of paper, though.
  • Retails for $24.99 for each set – a little pricey in my opinion.
  • To cut through cardstock, I had to add several cardboard shims to cut through the paper.
  • Must be used in conjunction with an embossing machine.

Give it a try… it’s a fun tool to work with!

Clover Pom-Pom Maker

Reported by Peggy Marsh

When I think of pom poms, I think of my first pair of ice skates embellished with the pom poms my Mom made that each had a tiny bell inside. Wow… that’s a stroll down memory lane.

Fast forward a few years and check out the coolest pom pom maker on the market. Clover has created the next generation pom pom maker!

This tool is available in several sizes to make pom poms as small as 1/2″, 3/4″, 1 3/8″, 1 5/8″, and even heart-shaped pom poms — just perfect for Valentine projects.

I purchased a set of two of the medium-sized Clover sets (above) which are the perfect sized embellishments for the types of projects I create… baby booties, knitted projects, and general crafting needs. This size kit makes 1 3/8″ and 1 5/8″ pom poms.

This is a very handy tool to have and it’s really easy to use following the instructions included in the packet.

Just open the tool to expand the bobbin portion of the pom pom maker…
 Wind the yarn around each separate portion of the bobbin…(I used a double strand of yarn)
Snap it back into the original position…
Begin cutting into the groove that separates the two bobbins…
Cut through all of the strands of yarn and tie with a strand of yarn (I use double strands to keep it secure)…
Remove the bobbin from the pom pom by separating the two bobbin parts…
 Trim the long strands of the pom pom with scissors but keep a tail to secure to your project…
And voila!!  You are ready. Just secure to your project using the strands of yarn that secured the pom pom together.
This knitted cable scarf is perfectly complimented with the pom poms secured at each end.
Here’s another project using the smallest pom-pom maker in this kit… a pair of darling baby booties that are perfect for keeping the tiniest of tootsies toasty warm.
These two pom poms were also made using the smallest bobbin in this kit. I simply crocheted a chain to attach the pom poms and used this as an embellishment for this handmade paper project — a paper box ready for Christmas cookie gifts.
Pom poms are perfect little additions to all sorts of knitted and crocheted accessories (baby items, winter caps, scarves and more) as well as paper projects. Clover pom pom makers can be found at most yarn and craft stores in the notions section. I hope you will give these a try. The applications for pom poms in crafting is endless!
Want more information? Check out Susie Ziegler’s review from January 2009 here.