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Crystal and Jewel Glitter Ritz by In The Making

Reported by Wendy Jordan
Up until a few months ago, I hadn’t really paid much attention to glitter. I loved the shimmery bling, and I had a few jars here and there. I didn’t like to use it. It was so messy and I didn’t like having glitter on my face all the time. I had a horrible time cleaning it off all the surfaces.
Recently, my glitter world was turned upside down when I was introduced to Crystal and Jewel Glitter Ritz Micro Fine Glitter by In The Making Enterprises. With 60 opaque beautiful colors and 5 transparent highlight colors, you will find something you love.
On the Crystal Glitter Ritz Color Chart they had examples of each of the transparent highlight glitters displayed on a white background and a black background. You will see in each of the following pictures that the color of the glitter changes beautifully depending on what color the card stock is underneath the glitter.

I started my project by using a 1.5″ roll of double sided tape. I adhered the tape on a piece of black card stock, and took off the protective covering. With a border punch, I punched a decorative edge into the protective backing of the tape and adhered the backing again to the tape, this time with the decorative edge in the center of the double sided tape.
The first glitter I used was Transparent Blue Crystal Highlight Glitter Ritz.
You can see the decorative edge left from the masking.
Using Transparent Green Highlights Crystal Glitter Ritz, I filled in where the decorative punched backing was placed.
I adhered various widths of double sided tape to the upper edge of the 1.5″ tape and used Transparent Warm Highlights and Transparent Purple Highlights Crystal Glitter Ritz.
While researching my glitter find, I came across a technique on the In The Making Enterprises website that was intriguing called Burnished Velvet.

I chose four complimentary colors. Liberty Blue, Sky Blue, Western Blue and Grasshopper.

I found that “sprinkling” the micro fine glitter from the jar was not as easy as with ultra fine glitter . The Jewel Glitter Ritz is SO micro fine, it comes out of the jar clumpy and doesn’t spread using traditional methods. Using this tiny scoop worked really well.

I placed two tiny scoops on my project

and rubbed it into double sided tape with my finger, careful not to touch the sticky tape with my fingers.

Making a funnel with the paper and sliding the glitter back into the jar isn’t as easy with Jewel Glitter Ritz Micro Fine Glitter as with ultra fine glitter. A lot of extra glitter was left clinging to the paper.

I brought my duster to the rescue and got all of the excess glitter off of my product.

I moved the masking (or backing) of my double sided tape to make another strip of color on my project. I used the same small scoop method with the Grasshopper Jewel Glitter Ritz.

Another move of the masking.

Once I had enough colored strips, I used the Crystal Cool Highlights Transparent Glitter Ritz to cover the rest of the double sided sticky tape and to give the background a shimmer.

Here is the finished Burnished Velvet project. The texture of the finished project is very smooth like velvet.

Using my little glitter scoop, I did my best to sprinkle the Western Blue Jewel Glitter Ritz all over a sticky butterfly. You can see where the glitter would come off the scoop more in some areas. Using the same technique as above, I rubbed the glitter in with my finger to spread it around.

I placed the gold outline sticker of a butterfly on double sticky paper. Using my tiny glitter scoop, I placed four different colors of glitter right where I wanted it and rubbed the glitter into place. The effect is stunning.
The cost of each jar of Glitter Ritz is roughly $7.00 for a half ounce jar. I find that price point to be sufficient, as a half ounce of the micro fine glitter will last quite a long time.

  • 60 beautiful colors to choose from
  • The glitter is manageable, if you use the right tools
  • The finished project has a soft, velvety feel
  • A little goes a long way
  • The glitter is so fine, that it gets clumpy when being “sprinkled” from the jar.
  • The glitter doesn’t move off of the paper as well when using the paper as a funnel to pour the glitter back into its jar.
  • All five of the Transparent Crystal Glimmer Ritz Glitters look similar on white card stock. It would be nice for the highlights to be a bit more apparent when using it by itself.
I found this glitter to have purpose in my crafting. I was finding ways to incorporate glitter that I hadn’t before. Do you think that Crystal & Jewel Glitter Ritz would make a nice addition to the glitter your currently using or do you think it could replace your current glitter? Tell us what glitter you currently use and what is different about Glitter Ritz?
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