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Review | Fiskars Cuts + More Scissors

Reported by Maria del Pinto

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Fiskars Cuts More Scissors with Titanium Blades

I recently had a chance to test out the Fiskars Cuts + More Multi-Purpose Scissors which have titanium blades and come with pretty cool extras.

Fiskars Cut More butting wood ice cream stick

The Fiskars Cuts + More Scissors are really great multi-purpose craft scissors with great functionality and ease of use that can even be used to cut a wooden popsicle stick!

One of the extras that the scissors comes with is that on these scissors the blade protector doubles as a scissor sharpener.

Fiskars Cut More Scissor Sharpener

Once you are done using the sharpener, it slips on to protect the blades.

Fiskars Cuts More Scissors

There is a handy tape cutter located at the bottom of the black colored blade which is helpful when crafting.

Fiskars Cut More Tape Cutter

The scissors also have a designated wire cutter at the top of the black blade which I used to cut universal electric trimmer line (.65″).

Fiskars cut More Wire cutter

The packaging said the scissors would cut through thin wire, so I tried it on 22 gauge wire. It cut through it easily with the wire cutter feature. Then I tried it with the blades, which is probably not recommended but I tried it anyway (since our job at Craft Critique is to push things to their limit). I ended up having to sharpen the scissors afterwards to fix the nicks the wire left on the blades. It probably would not affect cutting most items but fabric requires sharp clean blades to make a clean cut, so I would avoid using the blades to cut wire and only use the wire cutting tool for that.

There is a twine cutter just beneath the black handle which I also used to cut light rope.

Fiskars Cut More Power Notch Rope Cutter

I was also able to cut small branches with it.

Fiskars Cut More Power Notch Rope Cutter

And, of course, as I mentioned earlier – these will also cut a popsicle stick!  You can see how clean of a line that these scissors cut.  These are perfect for summer crafting fun.  Another cool feature is that the tip of the black blade is designed to be used as an awl.

Fiskars Cut More Power Notch Rope Cutter

Just below the handle on the silver-colored blade is a bottle opener, which is handy for soda and beer bottles. It also worked to loosen the lid on my honey jar.

Fiskars Cut More Bottle Opener

Another cool extra on these scissors is that they are easy to take apart and are also dishwasher safe. If you have cut something sticky, you can appreciate scissors that can be easily  cleaned.  I ran the scissors through the dishwasher before I tried them on various produce.

Fiskars Cut More Scissors come apart easily

The take-apart feature also allowed me to use the blades individually to open packages.  They were almost like knifes in how easy they cut through various materials.  Another bonus was that they cut through the plastic packaging that my new stylus came in.

Fiskars Cuts More cuts through plastic

These scissors can cut through a lot of different items – here is a small list of some of the items I tested the scissors on:

  • twine
  • 22 gauge wire
  • cardboard
  • a 1/8″ thick postal box
  • Assorted types of paper
  • canvas
  • Assorted fabric (cotton, muslim, wool felting, etc.)
  • Assorted threads and yarn
  • herbs, salad, spinach and celery (after I washed the blades)
  • A less than 1/8″ thick soft leather
  • A less than 1/8″ thick piece of balsa wood (use power notch)
  • A popsicle stick (use power notch)
  • A soda can
  • Amaco ArtEmboss Metal sheet (use care, the scissors cut a very clean line and could give you a nasty paper type cut).
  • Amaco Contour Wire Mesh #80
  • Plastic toy packaging (it cut right through that annoying plastic packaging but I did need to use the power notch to get it started due to the weird shape of the plastic)
  • Rino-Tuff Electric Trimmer Line (.65″ or 1.65mm)

I also used the scissors to trim my roses and they did provide me with a nice clean cut.

Due to the shape of the blade at the power notch, using these for cutting fabric is not really recommended. It is really challenging to get a perfect line unless you use just the lower part of the blades to cut the fabric. I would rather use these for all the other materials that I craft with daily and cut fabric with a designated pair of scissors.

These scissors are, in my opinion, the ultimate multi-purpose scissors.


  • Very multi-purpose – Great for cutting a variety of materials.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • Good value because of all the great extra tools on it.
  • Dishwasher safe.  (You probably don’t want to do this often but at least being able to clean it well before using on produce is great.


  • Blades nick if you cut wire with them.
  • Not optimal for cutting fabric due to the design of the blade
  • Tape cutter feature is a stabbing hazard when pushing the blade sheath onto the scissors.

Fiskars Cuts + More Multi-Purpose Scissors have an MSRP of $20 and are available at and other retail outlets.

Do you have the Fiskars Cuts + More scissors? What have you tried to cut with them?

Review | Westcott Extreme Edge Titanium Scissors

Reported by Linda Neff

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I thought I owned all the scissors I needed for my crafting projects but then I received a pair of Westcott Extreme Edge Titanium Scissors to try.  I had lots of projects going on using a variety of products so I put these to the test.

I needed to cut some burlap strips and muslin pieces and was delighted at just how easily these scissors glided through both types of fabrics. They really did cut “like butter” – I felt no pressure at all and both fabrics were cut with nice clean edges.


The packaging declares these scissors “easily cuts through multiple layers of fabric” and they did! My daughter and I were making new seat covers for some dining room chairs and used the Westcott scissors to cut through the 1″ thick seat padding. These scissors whispered through this project as if they were simply cutting through one layer of fabric.


I have scissors for heavy projects like cutting chipboard, wire and such and if I try to use them to cut a piece a ribbon they won’t do it. The blades will just chew at the ribbon. So I’ve always had to have both fabric scissors and work scissors. These Westcott Extreme Edge Titanium scissors easily went back and forth from one type of project to another without any problem.

I use a lot of corrugated cardboard in my art projects which can be really tiring on the hands to cut. That’s where I learned to love the fact that the tension on these Westcott Extreme Edge Titanium scissors can be adjusted. The scissors come with a Blade Tension Key – a fabulous idea – so the blades can be easily adjusted for varying cutting materials.


I loosened the blades just slightly to test the scissors on the corrugated cardboard. What a difference it made! With the tension adjusted for the thicker material it was very easy to cut through quite a lot of chipboard pieces with a whole lot less pain in my hand.


Overall I have to say for the street price, less than $15, these scissors seem like the perfect little workhorse. The fact that the blade tension can be adjusted also should help the blades stay sharper longer. I’ve been using them on a variety of materials – fabric, paper, chipboard and corrugated cardboard – with ease. The lightweight scissors have very comfortable ergonomic nylon handles. My only worry is that I will put the Blade Tension Key in a safe place and when I need it I won’t remember where that safe place is. I wish it could be attached to the scissor handle somehow.


  • Very comfortable to hold and use
  • Easily cuts through a variety of materials – from fabrics to paper products
  • Includes a Blade Tension Key for tension adjustment


  • Includes a Blade Tension Key that could be lost

Westcott Extreme Edge 8″ Titanium Scissorsare available from a variety of office supply and crafts retailers, or the Westcott website, for around $12.50.

Review | Fiskars 8″ Amplify Mixed Media Scissors

Reported by Patti Sokol

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Like their bigger sibling the 10″ Amplify Mixed Media Scissors that Deena looked at yesterday, the idea behind the new Fiskars 8″ Amplify Mixed Media scissors is that they are premium shears designed for cutting extra-thick mixed-media materials.


Fiskars’ brand name is synonymous with quality and these scissors live up to that and more.  Sculpted thumb and forefinger loops fit the shape and the natural movement of the hand and allow you to cut through many types of media without your hand tiring.  The patented technology, which causes the blades to sense separation,  and then transfer the energy to a torsion bar, which adjusts the blade and allows it to shift to its optimal cutting angle is quite ingenious.  All of this essentially means that you can pick up any kind of mixed media item that you can envision and use these incredible scissors to cut it into the shape required for your project.

The scissors come with a lifetime guarantee which is fantastic reassurance.  The protective sheath that comes with the scissors fit them perfectly and the button that is designed on the side of the scissors prevents the scissors from slipping out.

I put the scissors through my own mixed media test.  I tried to think of something quite tough and hard to cut through that I would use in making my everyday mixed media collages and then tried to make it very challenging.  Here is what I came up with:

First, how well can they cut through an entire magazine?

This is an art magazine with 80 pages and a front and back cover. And here is how the scissors performed:


They cut through it effortlessly!

And next up is a piece of cardboard:

Once again, these scissors lived up to their reputation with a nice clean cut:

I can honestly say that these scissors are worth every penny for my crafting needs.  And with the lifetime warranty and included sheath to protect the blades, it’s even harder to say no. For crafting and mixed media enthusiasts hoping to make their next project their best, nothing on the market outperforms Amplify Mixed Media Shears.

Fiskars 8″ Amplify Mixed Media Shears have an MSRP of $29.99, but are currently available on for only $10.99.