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Scor-Bug by Scor-Pal

Reported by Beth Silaika

I am not a fan of bugs. With the exception of ladybugs, butterflies and the occasional dragonfly, I have a swat to kill policy! Bugs creep me out!

In April, just as the flying critters are making the first Spring appearance in New York, Scor-Bug flew into my craft collection. I stumbled upon this new bug, which is not only cute, but pretty versatile for crafters! This little grey and teal spotted tool is a great accessory which works in conjunction with your Scor-Pal.

The tool has retractable “teeth” on a rotary wheel. The ergonomic design of the tool allows you to easily grasp the tool and gently glide the teeth in the grooves of the Scor-Pal for even bumps on your paper.

You simply place your cardstock or paper on the Scor-Pal, determine where you want your embossed line to occur, line that placement up with a grooved Scor-Pal line, and drag the Scor-Bug tool’s rotary teeth over the paper. One thing to remember is to start your tool in the groove off the paper in a groove line or you will not get the full embossed effect, just a minor little dotted line.

Another item to consider is where you place your cardstock on the scorpal. You want to remember to leave a small gap between the top edge of the Scor-Pal and the paper you are “bugging”. If you don’t leave a slight space between the paper and the top of the Scor-Pal, you will find that the entire piece of paper will not get the pierced line. The tool hits the top edge of the Scor-Pal and stops with a small part of the paper “un-bugged”. This can be difficult because I always use the top edge of the Scor-Pal to ensure that when I score a piece of paper it will be straight. When you use the Scor-Bug, you need to line your paper up with the grooved lines to ensure a straight edge.

The dotted area can be used to give some fun detail to your cards and scrapbook pages. Here, I used it to create a double embossed line on my cardstock.

You could use the other side of the cardstock for a pierced look, like faux stitching.

Whichever way you use it in your crafting applications, the detail that this tiny little tool creates is awesome.


  • Simple to use, simply drag the rotary teeth in the groove of your Scor-Pal
  • inexpensive
  • creates a neat row of embossed or debossed dots on your paper
  • use the Scor-bug tool along with your Scor-pal without moving your paper to create a nice linear pattern. You do not even need to move your paper.


  • You need to have the Scor-Pal to use this tool, you cannot use it on a flat surface
  • You have to remember to place the cardstock or paper a small distance away from the top edge of the Scor-Pal or you will not be able to “bug” your entire piece of paper. You also have to ensure to line up your edge the paper with the Scor-Pal grooves so that you will create a straight line
  • You should only drag the Bug in one direction, if you drag it back AND forth, it will not create a nice even line, it will look messy
  • You have to start dragging the Scor-bug off your paper or you may not get in the groove and only get a slightly dotted line, not the full pierced dot.

Scor-Pal created a new rage with its scoring tool, and the Scor-Bug is a wonderful little addition to the Scor-Pal family. I wouldn’t squash this little Bug! I give the Scor-Pal a thumbs up! For less than $7, it is worth it to add it to your collection of tools!

I would love to hear how you use the Scor-Bug in your crafting applications.

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