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Around the Block Tape Writer

Reported by Francie Horton

Name one thing you wanted as a child that you immediately bought yourself when you grew up. Geek that I am, for me, it was a Dymo. The original Dymo, not the fancy computerized one. My mom had to hide it because I would label everything. I loved pressing each letter into the tape, the scritch scritch scritch of turning the wheel, seeing the tape come out with my words magically printed on it in that lovely uppercase type. Oh, that uppercase type. How I wished it had lowercase and maybe even some different fonts. So when I came across the Around the Block Tape Writer I was excited.

The tape writer comes with two wheels, a lowercase and an uppercase. You can purchase additional wheels. I found four different ones – Cursive, Elegant, Ransom, and Numbers and Icons. There is not a font wheel that has both upper and lowercase, however, which is disappointing. This is probably due to size constraints; the wheels are rather small. In fact, the entire thing is very compact. The wheels come in two pieces, a top and bottom. I found the best way to keep everything together and not mixed up was a 2” binder ring. I also store all my adhesive tapes this way – both Dymo and the ones I order from Around the Block. Speaking of which, there are some adorable tapes available. No more plain solid colors! And they are interchangeable with the Dymo. You can also order self-adhesive paper strips to run through the tape writer.

Here’s what I learned in my experimenting. The tape writer works well on the plastic tape, however, the cut option doesn’t work. You’ll have to advance and use your scissors. It can be hit or miss on the paper strips. Sometimes you get a deep impression and sometimes you don’t. I would suggest lightly sanding or inking your letters afterward, also, because they’re hard to see otherwise. With both the plastic tape and the paper strips the tape writer can sometimes get hung up or put too much space between letters. It took two 12” strips just to get the few words I used on the example sheet.

It’s an inexpensive way to add text embellishment to my journal pages in different fonts, though, so it was well worth the purchase. I just have to hide it from MY kids now.


  • Lightweight, portable, easy to throw into my supply bag.
  • Several different fonts available.
  • An inexpensive gadget that adds a fun touch to my scrapbooking and journal projects.


  • Construction quality could have been a bit better. The center of mine has popped out a few times.
  • The cut function doesn’t work as it should.
  • The tape jams up and/or skips sometimes.

The tape writer is available to order from the following sites: – Here you can also see the different fonts and tapes available.

I give the tape writer an 8 out of 10 just because it’s fun. Have you tried the tape writer? What did you think of it?

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