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How To: The Ins and Outs of Thickers – Part 2

Reported by Morgan Novak
Whew! Are you still recovering from the length of The Ins and Outs of Thickers – Part 1? I think I might be, but it’s time to jump right back in. There are more than 100 sets of Thickers in American Crafts‘ most recent catalog, and that doesn’t even take into account all the previous sets that don’t happen to be in the catalog anymore! Think about all the possibilities! In part 1 of this article we covered all the chipboard based Thickers (pearl, flocked, glossy, foil, chipboard, natural chipboard, glitter, fabric covered & patterned) and now we’ll learn all about the rest of the Thickers types.

Foam Thickers are how Thickers first came onto the scene. The original Thickers release was all foam! Because of the natural give of foam they adhere amazingly well to just about any surface. They also allow a little bit of flexibility when it comes to re-shaping them a little if you are trying to make a title or word follow a curve, or if you want to squish them a little to make them fit in a smaller space! Foam Thickers currently come in two different forms, glitter-covered and basic.

1. Glitter Covered Foam Thickers are a lot like the Glitter Covered Chipboard Thickers as far as altering, but they have a little more give to them if you need to re-shape.

You won’t be able to fully change the colors of your Glitter Covered Foam Thickers with ink, but you will be able to add another color for some extra dimension. Just lightly rub each letter along the surface of your Staz On ink pad and you’ll get a pretty cool effect. And, because the glitter on these is so fantastic you won’t get any glitter shedding onto your ink pad!
2. Basic Foam Thickers come in a ton of fonts and colors and offer a whole bunch of altering possibilities if you’d like to change them up a little bit.

You can change the color of your Foam Thickers completely with a Copic Sketch Marker. Because of the porous nature of the foam you get a cool velvet kind of look when layering on the color with you marker.

Another cool way to change the color of your Foam Thickers is by carefully pressing them into a soft ink pad like Versamagic or Brilliance. Just remember to give these wet inks some time to set before you start handling them.

I find the Foam Thickers to be the easiest to draw on. You can easily use just about any fine tipped journaling pen, (I like Triplus Fineliners), to draw anything you like right on the letters.

Another fun way to add to your Foam Thickers is as easy as stamping on them, whether you are adding a pattern, a word, or a date like I did here.

Puffy Thickers bring me right back to my sticker book obsessed days in the 80’s! They come in three different forms; Glitter Puffy, Puffy and Patterned Puffy.

The best way to alter the Puffy Thickers is using rub-ons, in this case I chose Hambly rub-ons. I found that, because of the material the Puffy Thickers are made of, the rub-on sheet and subsequently the rub-ons themselves stick very nicely to them.

Vinyl Thickers are another of my favorites in the Thickers family! Just be careful of where you store them! I found that mine were a little too close to my heat register and they began to curl a little and lose the edges of their sticky. Oops! If this has happened to you too, don’t worry! Simply use some Glossy Accents on the back for some additional adhesive and you’ll be all set!

Like the plain Foam Thickers, you can draw on these as well. Just use a smudge proof pen, like the American Crafts Slick Writers, so that the ink stays on the vinyl instead of on your hands.

The same theory applies to stamping on the Vinyl Thickers! Be sure to use a Staz On pad so that you don’t get any smudge, just stamped goodness.

The Vinyl Thickers lend themselves very nicely to rub-ons also. Here I used my favorite mini alphabet rub-ons from Doodlebug to add a little message to a letter.

There are a couple types of Thickers that are no longer in the American Crafts catalog, but I’m sure they are still available here and there, and I know that I certainly still have them in my personal Thickers stash.

1. Velvet Thickers were a super lush, really cool texture. When using them you may want to add a little extra adhesive to the back of them because of the fuzz.

2. Felt Thickers were another early Thickers material, and happen to be another one of my favorites. Because of their natural give they are also really awesome on any type of surface. I’m kind of hoping that they’ll bring these guys back sometime soon!

The last type of Thickers we have to talk about are the Accent Shapes and Borders. The Accent Shapes come in a variety of materials, just like the alphabet Thickers. The Border Thickers are a relatively new addition to the Thickers family. This Winter’s CHA release is the first to feature the Borders with every new collection, but they made their real debut in American Crafts’ last Halloween collection. The Borders are all printed chipboard and a true 12″ long border.

Well, those are all the types of Thickers! I thought I’d end this 2 part how to with a few techniques you can easily use to add a little flair to just about all the types of Thickers.

Remember, Thickers do allow you to easily alter them in all kinds of fun ways, but they are also awesome just the way they are! I hope you’ve been inspired! It’s clear that I have a real Thickers addiction, and I’m sure that a lot of you are with me on that! It seems impossible to choose, but if I had to pick just one favorite Thickers font I think it would be “Platforms.” What’s your favorite Thickers font?
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CHA Scrapbooking: Fancy Pants Designs

Fancy Pants Designs has released 4 brand new paper collections with a whole score of new embellishments, as well as a new collection of alterable items for scrapbookers and altered item enthusiasts alike!

“It’s The Little Things” is a really pretty combination of pink, mint and black, reminiscent of a 50’s kitchen gone modern!

The new chipboard stickers come in alphabet, shape, and banner sets for each of the new collections; each contain 2 sheets of cuteness.

Fancy Pants has also started making 6″x6″ paper pads for each of their collections. The 12″x12″ version of each paper in the collection is reduced to a 6″x6″ version, so you still get the full pattern on each piece!

“Beach Bum” is one of Fancy Pants’ two new Summer collections with rich primaries and cute waves, surfboards, fish and swim trunk-worthy prints!

“Beach Babe” is the more girly of the two Summer collections with beautiful raspberry, lime, sky blue & sunny orange!

The last of the new paper collections is, “To The Moon” a super cute space inspired collection that has plenty of smaller patterns that are completely universal, no pun intended.

Each collection has two transparencies that coordinate with it, one is printed and the other is flocked. Check out how cute these flocked robots and aliens are!

Fancy Pants has responded to customer feedback by reducing their sheets of Glitter Cuts from 12″x12″ to 8″x8″ so that the pieces are easier to use on layouts and other projects.

They have also redone their journaling notebooks by taking them off the notebook spiral and putting them into cute sets, along with some smaller journaling bits.

“Artist Edition” is a new collection of alterable items with endless possibilities. The Chipboard Banner sets come in 4 different shapes, each with 10 pieces so that you can easily spell out those longer words with just one set!

Filter Flowers are made of a material very similar to coffee filters that can be stamped, misted, painted, crumpled and combined to make all sorts of fun things like this sweet layered flower garland.

The Brag Book is a 9″x7″ spiral bound book filled with solid black pages for layouts or keepsakes, kraft journaling pages (50 total) and 15 photo sleeves that hold 2 photos on each side, for a total of 60 photos! There’s a lot of options with that many pages!

So what can’t you resist?

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CHA Scrapbooking: October Afternoon

October Afternoon‘s booth looked awesome this year, with a faux store front and an adorable collections of oversized images on the side wall! So cute, and of course an awesome place for a little photo op!

October Afternoon released 2 new collections at the show and they are both really sweet, so it’s hard to choose which to start with. We’re here to make the tough decisions though, so we’ll begin with, “Rocket Age.” Look at the 8 out-of-this-world, double-sided papers. The mix of really rich warm & cool tones make for a really eye-catching combination.

All of the expected October Afternoon embellishments are here, along with a couple of new additions.

Miscellany is one of the new additions; an all-in-one package of die cuts, mini flash cards, a few chipboard pieces and even some buttons!

Sprinklers are another brand new addition to October Afternoon’s bag of tricks. They are a spray misting paint and available in sets that coordinate with each collection, or in single bottles.

October Afternoon’s other new collection is, “5 & Dime.” Inspired by what you may find in your local 5 & dime, if you still have one around, this collection has a little something for everyone.

October Afternoon has also put together this “Art Box” set of Sprinklers to cover the basics. At least one of these colors can be used with just about anything!

So, with so much yumminess in just one booth, what would you head over to get a closer look at first?
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