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CHA Tools: We R Memory Keepers

Reported by Morgan Novak

We R Memory Keepers have already captured our hearts with the Sew Easy Tool, and now they are drawing us even further in with the awesome additions they have made to the Sew Easy collection at this Winter CHA! We’ll let Jenn from We R Memory Keepers tell you all about the Sew Easy Tool and the new additions!

Here are the sweet cards that people were making while learning about the Sew Easy at We R Memory Keepers’ Make & Take table.

For the organization junkie in all of us, We R Memory Keepers have released an amazing new storage case that will easily hold your Sew Easy swag in one easy-to-grab case!

Here are just some of the 22 beautiful floss sets. We R Memory Keepers launched 12 new floss combinations at the show in glitter, variegated and baker’s twine. We heard a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing in the booth over the baker’s twine!

The 8 new larger stitch piercer heads are all 1″ wide, and come with easy directions that tell you what order to make your stitches in so that it is, in fact, Sew Easy!

With so many new combinations to choose from, it will definitely be a hard decision, but what new stitch and floss combination can you not wait to use? We’d go with the baker’s twine and the banners. How about you?

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QuicKutz QuickStik

Reported by Peggy Marsh

 QuicKutz QuickStik – Advertised as “The Quicker-Poker-Picker-Upper”!

I wasn’t too sure that I needed this tool when I first noticed it at my local scrapbook store. Then I saw a friend using it at one of our craft events and I was convinced. This little gadget has a sticky point that is perfect for picking up the smallest pieces of bling and bits of paper… all of those little things that are so tiny and hard to handle with fingers.

Here’s the great features of this little tool

  • A sticky point to pick up small bits of bling, tiny pieces of paper, etc.
  • A very pointy end to poke out small pieces and corners of die-cuts (keep this away from children)
  • The end opposite of the sticky point has the other 2 tools. It pulls out, and I use it frequently to hold things and to poke out die-cuts that didn’t cut through.
  • Retails for about $6-7

The right way to use this little tool is to slightly turn the sticky end to allow some of the green sticky substance to flow, then tighten it back up to stop the flow. Dried-up sticky stuff can be easily picked off the tip, but it’s pretty impossible to get out of the cap.

The only thing I didn’t like was that the instructions for using the tool itself are not very clear. When you first use your QuickStik don’t twist off the cap. Just pull it off. Twisting it starts the green sticky material flowing and then you will be guaranteed a sticky mess like the one I created. I obviously wasted quite a bit of the green sticky stuff just trying to get the silly cap off as you can see in the above picture.


  • Handy little tool to have in your craft bag. It’s light as a feather and takes up no space.
  • Perfect for picking up little pieces of paper, rhinestones, beads, and other bling.
  • Great for poking out pieces of die cuts, Cricut cuts, etc.
  • Great for jewelry-making projects too
  • Have long nails? This is the perfect solution


  • Can be messy, especially if the cap isn’t removed properly. Doesn’t impact performance of the tool –just isn’t very pretty looking. Instructions could be much better.
  • It’s not refillable. Once the glue is all used up, it’s time to purchase a new one. But, even with my messy oozing it will be a while before I’ll need a new one.
  • The green substance can lightly discolor some papers. Be sure to use carefully. It’s not intended to be a glue for your project.
  • The pointed end is one very sharp tool. I store mine with a wine cork on the sharp end so it doesn’t accidentally hurt some unsuspecting soul.

Do you use the QuicKuts QuickStik? Do you find it indispensable? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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