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Silhouette Vinyl [Promo & Giveaway]

It’s time for more fun with Silhouette vinyl. There’s also some great deals for Craft Critique readers from Silhouette – and one lucky Craft Critique reader is going to win a Silhouette Cameo machine!

I have been wanting to redo part of the back window of my car since the Apple sticker that I put there 3 years ago had faded beyond recognition. A file I found in the Silhouette store inspired me to add something scrappy as part of my redo.

My inspiration was a file by Hero Arts called Scissors, but a search of the Silhouette store for the term “scissors” shows all sorts of fun crafty images.

I measured the Apple sticker (since I wanted to replace the worn one with a new one) to discover the height measurement that I needed to use and then opened the file in Silhouette studio. I resized it to the correct height and then placed the image in the corner to save vinyl when cutting.

Silhouette Studio screen shot

Then I peeled and removed the excess vinyl, and applied the transfer paper over the image. It was time to go outside to the car!


I razored the old Apple sticker off, cleaned the window and replaced the sticker with a new one. Then I peeled my transfer paper up and used it to apply my scissors image next to the Apple, pressing firmly!


The results are really fun, and a great record of what I love on my car. I’m wondering how many times I’ll get asked why I have scissors on my car by non-crafters! I think this logo set needs a third item, but haven’t decided yet what to add to it.

White vinyl is a really common look for car stickers – the Silhouette vinyl would be a great way to make custom window stickers for your business, a special occasion, or a special event. Decorate a wedding getaway car with class, or create a one-of-a-kind promo piece!

And now for the goodies for our readers…

Silhouette is running some great promotions from now through August 14th, when you use our promo code “UPDATE“. You can get a Silhouette Cameo machine, along with a roll of chalkboard vinyl and white vinyl (plus transfer paper) for $269.99. Or if you already have a machine, you can buy all the vinyl that you want to play with, Buy One Get One Free!

To Get These Offers, Click Here & Use Code “UPDATE” at checkout!

And now, the giveaway! Silhouette is giving away a Silhouette Cameo machine to one lucky Craft Critique reader…leave a comment below to enter! US residents only may enter, and the giveaway closes at 11:59pm on August 11th. Winner to be announced on August 12th!

Kids Week | Iron-On T-Shirt

Welcome to the first day of our annual kid’s week at Craft Craft Critique! The kids are out of school and before they (and you) start climbing the wall, we’re going to give you some ideas of kid-friendly activities to help make summer vacation fun for everyone!

Why not start off by making a special summer vacation t-shirt? We bought a t-shirt at Michael’s for my 10 year old daughter (pink, of course) and then sat down with my Silhouette Portrait and some Silhouette iron-on material to let her custom design it.

She went straight for an intricate rose design that was in my Silhouette library – appropriate, since her middle name is Rose! It’s too intricate to be easy to work with for paper applications, but it’s perfect for doing iron-on or vinyl with, where you’ll use a transfer sheet.

Bridget decided she wanted the flower on the shoulder of her t-shirt, so I sized it at a little bit over 4 inches across after measuring the shoulder area of the shirt. I flipped the design horizontally in the Silhouette software for use with the iron-on material, although it’s not technically required when you are using a design that has no text or specific right or left.

Silhouette Studio screenshot

I selected the flocked iron-on material in the cut settings window. It defaults for some reason to having cutting with a mat checked, even through the material’s instructions say not to use a mat. You need to uncheck that box and put your media into the machine without a mat.

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Review | Silhouette Premium Vinyl

After coveting one since the day they were announced, I finally bought a Silhouette Portrait machine a few weeks ago! (A full review will be coming soon to Craft Critique.) One of the first things that I decided to try cutting was their premium vinyl. I’d never cut anything like this before on a die cut machine, and thanks to Silhouette, I was given the chance to try it out.


Silhouette Premium Vinyl comes in rolls that are 9″ wide, and 10 feet long, or 12″ wide by 6 foot long. It comes in 14 colors, plus chalkboard, frosted glass, gold, and silver. Two of the specialty versions, frosted glass and chalkboard, come in shorter rolls than the standard colors. The premium vinyl is manufactured for indoor or outdoor use, and is labeled as easily removable from most smooth surfaces, which I found to be true while working with it.

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