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You know a craft product is good when it sparks a whole new hobby for your child.

And the odd thing is that this product – Sticky Sticks (25 sticks for $3.50)- is probably one of the most basic craft items out there: the popsicle/tongue depressor stick. The genius thing about Sticky Sticks is that they added a square of adhesive to one end, and by doing that (and eliminating the liquid glue and drying time associated) they opened up a world of possibilities.


I showed the Sticky Sticks to my daughter, Gracie, one evening before bed. I showed her how to use them by sticking them to a photo she had on her art desk – simply peel off the little square of wax paper covering the adhesive square on the end of the stick and adhere to whatever you like. She tucked the photo into her cup of pens and I immediately realized these would make a great tool to display small photos and works of art all over the house. Continue Reading →

Review | Sticky Sticks

Sticky Sticks

Sticky Sticks, which debuted at CHA Winter 2013, are a product invented by a mother that needed this exact item when she was creating visual aids for teaching children.  I was excited to try them because I love doing craft projects with my young daughter (she is almost two and a half).  When this package of 25 Sticky Sticks arrived I was a little stumped about which project to start with.  So I checked the Sticky Sticks project ideas page and followed the very simple instructions – peel the paper adhesive backing and stick. Continue Reading →

CHA Winter 2013: Sticky Sticks

Some of the most interesting things to see at CHA are always the new exhibitors. There’s always some eye-catching and innovative ideas to be seen!

One  unique thing in the new exhibitor section in Anaheim this time was a product called Sticky Sticks.

The idea is deceptively simple – tongue depressors with adhesive on the end on them:

IMG_6206 Continue Reading →