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Making Memories Tag Maker and Rims

Reported by Lauren Meader

The Making Memories Tag Maker sells at Michaels for $24.95. I saved $10 by using a 40% off coupon.

I wanted one of these for like 2 years! Finally I decided to splurge! Couldn’t let that coupon go to waste!I had been contemplating this tag maker forever. I didn’t know if it would be worth the price, but I am now SO happy I did. Prior to this purchase I would buy the pre-made tag from Stampin’ Up!

So that is how I worked my savings. I also got a package of the rims. There are 54 assorted tag rims, and 3 templates inside. It sells for $14.95. Now use a 40% off coupon and that’s a pretty cool deal.The tags I got are silver, pink, and blue way cool! That to me is already a plus. I get assorted metals, shapes AND sizes for $0.27 each! That is BEFORE using a 40% off coupon! Now, buy the rims with the coupon, that would then bring cost to only $0.16 each!

Now the other cool bonus for me- if you mess up your stamped image on a SU! tag you waste the tag! For this you can simply re-stamp the image BEFORE you make the tag yourself.So the cost for the Stamping Up! metal edge tags-12pk in two sizes, ONE type of shape and ONE metal per pkg for $4.95-that is $0.41 each tag. Not as good a variety, no choice of paper selection, only 2 types of “paper”, 3 metals and 2 shapes to choose from the entire assortment sold by SU! This doesn’t include shipping, and there is NEVER a 40% off coupon! If you mess it up, it’s a throw away.

The other cool plus to the tag maker is you can use colored cardstock, photos, vellum, patterned paper-whatever YOU decide. Plus as I said before the size and shape variety is far greater! You can use your Sharpie markers, or Copic markers to color the rims as well.

I also enjoy using the rims alone to hang from ribbon, or accent over an image.

Well, you may now want to know “HOW DOES IT WORK?” I thought the same thing! I was worried it would be difficult, or too long a process. I was told I could return it if I wasn’t happy!Here is ALL you do-

Step 1) Stamp and color your image. Or just use some designer paper. Anything you want!

Step 2 ) Place the template provided with the rims over your image. Trace the template outline onto your paper, then cut out the shape.

Step 3) Pop the image into your rim. Put the rim inside the tag maker, and gently squeeze handle. Tada! You now have a completed tag!Now attach it as desired. It’s really easy, fun and much more affordable. I’d love to hear what you think, or any questions you may have!