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Review | Clover Tatting Shuttles

Clover Small Tatting Shuttle
Clover Small Tatting Shuttle

The Clover Tatting Shuttlescome in a set with two different colored shuttles per package. This is great if you are tatting a project using two shuttles and need to easily tell which is the ring shuttle and which is the chain shuttle. These shuttles also have a nice textured area on the shuttle which makes it easy to grip the shuttle, and one end of the shuttle has a curved point that makes it easy to pull the picots while working a piece. I prefer this over the type that have a hook, because I often find myself getting the thread snagged on the hooks when using those.

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CHA: Hard-to-Find Tools for Needle Arts

Have you been searching for various tools and not been able to find them?  We can completely understand that type of frustration!

Bobbin Lace Kit
Well, at the Craft and Hobby Show we came across the “Lacis” company. 
Boning & Costuming Supplies

Lacis is a company in Berkley, California that carries hard to find tools, books and materials.  They have an entire selection devoted to minor needle arts including lace making, knitting, tatting, braiding, costume embroidery, rug making, and weaving.

Lace Bobbins, Finger Prickers and Punches
Below is just a sampling of some of the items that they carry.  
Lucet, etc.
Tatting, felting and sewing supplies
Bead Looms
If you like making period costumes, they are a good source for supplies and materials.  They also have the “Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles” where they offer a great selection of classes.  The museum website has a great slide show of some the interesting tools that they have in their museum collection.
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