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CHA Summer 2011: Clover Needlecraft, Inc.

Reported by Christina Hammond


Clover Needlecraft was debuting a few new exciting products for the fabric crafters out there. The Trace ‘n Create Quilt Templates by Nancy Zieman help you cut your fabric strips and make a quilt in no time at all.  The Grandmother’s One Patch Collection has two template designs with 4 sizes each.  You can create tumblers and Faux hexagons with fast piecing and no Y-Seams.
And once you have that quilt top sewn, you’ll need to quilt and bind it…  Clover is introducing the Wonder Clips to help you secure that binding for sewing.  The clips are great alternatives to pins if you’re working with materials you don’t want holes in (vinyl, silks etc).
The clips are flat on the back,so you can feed them right up to your presser foot, and they have 1/4” and 1/2” seam allowance marking right on the base of the clips.  
The Wonder Clips will come in sets of 10 for about $7 and boxes of 50 for about $32.

The newest product Clover was debuting was the Kanzashi Flower Makers.  If you’re not familiar: Kanzashi is the traditional Japanese art form of folding and sewing fabric together to creature beautiful and life-like flowers.


A simple square of fabric is folded and clamped in the template, a couple of stitches later and you’ve got a petal ready to go.  Group a few together and your flower is done!
The templates come in 3 forms:  round petals, pointed petals and gathered petals.  There are also two sizes of each available, creating either 2” or 3” finished flowers.  Retail will be close to $5 each.

What was your favorite new product by Clover?  What do you want to try the most?  What would you make with it?

Vendor Spotlight: No Bow No Go Top Notch Templates and Bow Instructions

Reported by Beth Silaika

I have always been jealous of those moms who are able to 1. get their children to comb their hair and 2. get their children to accessorize with adorable little bows and ribbons. If only I could make those adorable little hair decorations. When the opportunity to review the No Bow No Go Instructions and TNT Top Notch Templates product, I was so excited to be able to create something for the two children who still let me get them dressed!

This 131 page spiral bound instruction book and top notch templates set (of twelve) was very nicely put together. The pages are easy to read and the photographs are clear and they are labeled very well. There are even safety tips for people creating bows, since some of the tools which you need to use to create the bows are quite dangerous if they are not set up properly or if they are touched by little hands.

The templates are made of clear plastic and are made to last a long time. They are clearly marked in the corners to let you know which template is which. There are instructions in the manual to let you know the finished bow size (which correlates with the template number) how much ribbon length is required to create one bow, and which size ribbon looks best with each template.

After skimming through the book a few times, I decided to create a few bows for my youngest two daughters. I gathered my supplies (hot glue gun, alligator or french barrette clips, scissors, needle and thread, ribbon)

First, you attach the ribbon to your clip. Here I used a French Barrette Clip.
The next step is to wrap ribbon around your template. There is a nice slit in the template which allows you to sew the center of your bow. Here you can see that I am sewing the center with a few stitches.
I used some clips on each end to hold the ribbon tight to the template while I sewed it in the center.
I slid the ribbon off the template and started to fluff the ribbon. I followed the instructions which told me to create a “center” of the bow. I used a straight center, wrapping the ribbon around and hot gluing the back. I trimmed the ribbon ends in a V-cut.
I attached the finished ribbon to the barrette clip.
Tah-da! It looks great! Genevieve tolerated it for about 1 minute. She loved the color, and I love the fact that I can create them to look just like any outfit she might have in her closet.
Sophie stumbled into the room and requested a purple one for her hair. It was so simple to create, I was able to whip one up for her in about 5 minutes. She wore her bow for the rest of the day!


  • There are several book options available, including digital downloads of the instruction book.
  • Templates come in 4, 9 and 12 template sets to fit in your budget
  • Additional instructions are available for a nominal fee
  • Great asset for you if you are starting a small craft business
  • Simple, easy to follow instructions
  • Clear photographs
  • wide variety of bows (including stacked, twisted, pinwheel and split tail to name a few) with ribbon color and width options = endless possibilities
  • heavy duty template, will not easily break or crack


  • Really cannot find any cons…this is a great resource for someone who is interested in creating their own hair bows!

The No Bow No Go Instruction booklet and TNT Top Notch Templates can be purchased online at their website {}.

How cute are these bows?! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!


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Just for Fun Faux Postage Templates

Reported by Heather Strenzwilk

Have you ever created your own postage stamps? Faux postage are an art form and Faux Postage Templates by Just for Fun Rubber Stamps are an easy way to create your own postoids. The templates can also be used to create sampler style artwork. The lightweight vinyl templates allow you to quickly create backgrounds for your artwork.

I have owned several of the JFF faux postage stamps for years and bought some of the templates at a rubber stamp convention. The templates come pre-cut so they are ready to use immediately. All of the multiple shape designs I saw will fit a standard 5.5″ x 4.25″ card.

Here is how I used the templates:
1) Use a small piece of removable tape to secure the stamping surface (paper, cardstock, etc) to the table. This will help prevent slippage.
2) Align the template over the stamping surface, using removable tape to adhere the template to the table. This will also help prevent slippage. (Don’t ask me or my wastebasket how important are steps 1 & 2!)
3) Apply color to the open areas of the template. Try sponging, stippling, stamping, chalks, paint or markers to apply color.
4) Think you are done? Carefully untape one side of the template and lift it carefully to check for coverage. If you missed a spot carefully lower the template again. (Do not remove the entire template and attempt to realign it perfectly unless you like a challenge or your wastebasket looks lonely!)

Stamp Credits: Just Jhone- lilac; Above the Mark– words; Papertrey Ink -dots, CHF -crackle, RBBB -grid For the most part, I was happy with my results with the templates after I used tape to prevent them from slipping. Because the templates are very thin, I was able to use it as a mask for stamping. That was a huge time-saver for me and definitely my favorite feature. I didn’t have any issues with halos (gaps) around the edge of the template.

I have used various scrapbooking templates and have had issues with ink bleeding underneath the edge of the template and bleeding or smearing on the cardstock. This is especially common with dye-based and some permanent inks (in particular Ancient Page). I had the same issues with these templates but after a few snacks for my wastebasket, I had better results. Being vinyl, the templates are easily cleaned although I found some of the permanent inks stained slightly despite a spritzing of stamp cleaner. These templates could be useful to both a novice or a seasoned rubber stamper or scrapbooker. The novice will appreciate the pre-determined layout while a more advanced artist will appreciate speedy masking. Crafters of all experience levels will enjoy the lightweight portability and easy clean up.

Stamp Credits: Stamps by Judith– dots; all others gg designs


  • Flexible vinyl construction which is easy to clean (but can be stained by certain inks)
  • Matching postage border rubber stamps are also available
  • Very lightweight and portable and easy to store
  • Can be used as a mask for stamping


  • Sizes and configurations are limited- owners of custom die-cut machines could create their own custom templates to fit their own needs
  • The template is used flush to the paper and some inks will bleed under the edge of the template
  • Removable tape required so the template doesn’t slip while in use

JFF Faux Postage Templates are a convenient tool to create faux postage and a time-saver for masking. The templates perform like other vinyl templates I have used and my results were acceptable but nothing new or exciting. Some of the individual shapes or 3 x 3 pattern might come in handy for quick masking or a background. I rate these templates 7.5 out of 10.

Faux Postage Templates are available exclusively from Just for Fun Rubber Stamps in 24 styles. This wide variety includes rectangles in groupings of 3, 4, 6 and 12 and non-conventional shapes such as hexagons, pentagons, ovals and triangles. Many of the shapes are also available as individual templates so you can create a more personalized layout. Matching (mounted and unmounted) rubber stamps are also available.

During the month of January, JFF is offering an additional 30% off all products on their website. The templates are normally $3.75 each and the coordinating stamps $13.80 mounted and half-price for unmounted stamps.