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How To Sew Your Own Traveler’s Journal Cover

Traveler’s journals are hot right now, and they are perfect for creating mini scrapbooks while you are actually on your trip. But did you know that it is surprisingly easy to create your own cover that is themed to your trip? In only a few steps, you can learn how to sew your own traveler’s journal cover!

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How to sew your own traveler's journal cover

Since I was anticipating spending a few days in Paris as part of my trip to Creativeworld in Frankfurt, I decided to make myself a Paris themed journal to record this long-awaited trip. My traveler’s journal cover holds three Midori Traveler’s Notebook refills – just enough to have one for each day in Paris, and one for my time in Frankfurt at the show.

How To Sew Your Own Traveler's Journal Cover

You do not have to be an advanced skill sewist to learn how to sew your own traveler’s journal cover. There are no fancy techniques in this project. It’s about choosing the right materials and tools. If you can use an iron and an eyelet setter, and sew a straight line, you can make your own traveler’s journal cover for your next trip!

DIY Traveler’s Journal Supplies:

How To Sew Your Own Traveler’s Journal Cover:

1) To begin, cut your fabric and interfacing to sizes indicated in supply list.

I selected a Paris themed fabric for my journal, to fit my theme, and used the same fabric for the inside and outside of the journal. If you’d like to have different colors or patterns on the inside and outside of your journal, just cut each 10″ x 12″ fabric panel from different fabrics. This project is great for using up leftover fabric!

ByAnnie’s Soft & Stable, if you have never used it, is what is known as “headliner” fabric – an extremely thick sewable interfacing that is perfect for giving structure to projects like bags and totes. Using it adds a whole new level of professionalism to your sewing, and it makes a great shortcut to stiffen this traveler’s journal cover.

2) Following the package instructions, iron a piece of the Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Lite onto one side of each of the pieces of Soft & Stable. Center each of the pieces of Soft & Stable on top of the back side of a piece of the fabric with the Heat’n Bond side down, and iron to adhere.

3) You should now have two pieces of fabric with a piece of Soft & Stable adhered to the center of the back of them, with a half inch of fabric showing all around it.

4) Fold the corners of the seam allowance in diagonally and iron in place. Then fold over the sides and iron in place as well. (By folding the corners in first, this will leave you with nice clean mitred corners!)

5) After trimming it down slightly, iron the remaining sheet of Heat’n Bond Lite onto the back of one of the cover pieces. Then lay the other cover piece back to back with it, make sure they are correctly aligned, and iron to adhere them together with the Heat’n Bond.

6) Sew around the outside edge of the covers with a sewing machine, stitching approximately 1/8″ from the edge. If necessary, pin the two covers together to keep the edges aligned while sewing.

How to sew your own traveler's journal cover

Now you have the structure of a cover, but it needs attachments for the journal books. My finished cover looked like the photo above. It has two loops of elastic cord, anchored in different ways to hold the three journal books.

First, you need to create the eyelets that are the anchors of the whole cord system.

7) Using a tool like a CropADile or a leather punch, make two holes 5/32″ or slightly smaller that are centered 1/4″ in from the edge along the center fold of your traveler’s journal cover.

8) Place the 5/32″ two part eyelets in the holes and firmly set them using the Dritz 2 Part Eyelet Tool.

how to sew your own traveler's journal cover

9) Cut a piece of round elastic cord that is slightly more than twice the height of your traveler’s journal cover. Thread it snugly through the eyelet holes and knot it at the bottom of the outside of the cover’s spine. Snip off the excess cord and apply Dritz Fray Check to keep the ends from fraying.

how to sew your own traveler's journal cover

10) For the second cord, cut a piece of cord just slightly longer than the distance between the two eyelets. Fold the cord in half and holding both strands together, tie a half knot to create a loop. Trim the ends and apply Dritz Fray Check to secure them.

11) Thread the loop through the eyelet at the top of the traveler’s journal cover, leaving the knot on the outside of the cover. Pull the loop so that it lays underneath the elastic that is threaded through both eyelets. (See picture after #6 above for reference.)

how to sew your own traveler's journal cover

12) Open a journal book to the center staples and slide it under the loop that goes through both eyelets. Close the journal book, capturing the elastic in the center page. This book is now your center of the three journal books.

how to sew your own traveler's journal cover

13) Insert the center page of a journal book through each of the elastics on either side of the center journal book.

how to sew your own traveler's journal cover

14) To keep your journal closed, cut a piece of round elastic cord that fits snugly around the closed journal and tie it. snip the ends and treat with Dritz Fray Check to protect from fraying.

Your journal is complete! I chose three blank books for my journal, but there are lined, graph, and plenty other types of Midori journal books available. Mix and match to create space for writing and drawing, or whatever else you can imagine!

Once you know how to sew your own traveler’s journal cover, it is easy! You won’t be able to stop making them! I’m already planning my next one!

Therm O Web Memory Tape Runner XL

Reported by Heather Voinski

In the 10 years that I have been scrapbooking and paper crafting, you would think that I would have found the perfect adhesive for me years ago. I’ve been through just about every kind you can think of, and until this past year nothing was “just right” for me. While in my local craft store I came across the Therm O Web Memory Tape Runner XL and it’s been my go to adhesive ever since.

The XL tape runner has a patented pivoting head, it goes on clear and gives you an acid free permanent bond in a refillable dispenser. It comes with 600 inches (50 feet) of adhesive and so does the easy drop in refill.

I originally purchased this thinking that it is a great value for the price if it really worked. It turns out that it really does work great, and I found my favorite adhesive!

The XL holds everything…from ribbon and fibers to metal embellishments and buttons, I have yet to find something that it doesn’t hold for me. I’ve used it on my paper crafts, scrapbooking and when making handmade cards. The pivoting head makes curves and circles easy peasy! The refills are just what they say they are….easy to load. Simply open the case and drop it in and you are done.

My favorite part of this tape runner is that it has a cover that locks in to position out of the way while in use and then you can close it when you are done. It’s made it easy to take to crops with me or for those days that my desk is really a mess because you can close it and it won’t get attached to anything else in your work area.


  • Lots of adhesive at a great price
  • Easy to refill
  • Cover that snaps in place when in use and when not in use
  • Comes in different color dispensers (mine is pink!!)


  • Only comes in a permanent bond….sometimes it can be tricky to get off if you make a mistake.

You can find the Therm O Web Memory Tape Runner XL at your local AC Moore or Michael’s. There are several online places to find them:, Create For Less , and The suggested retail price for the XL is $4.99 but you can find it at the above online stores for about $3.50. Refills are also available at the same stores and you can get them in bulk at an even better price!

Have you ever tried this product? If not is it something you would try? We love to hear from our readers, so drop us a comment and let us know!

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Great new things from Mimi!

Reported by: Reyanna Klein
People asked, and they responded! Mimi/Therm O Web is now making Zots in a “Jumbo” one inch size (in permanent and removable)!
And for ribbon and borders, they have Sticky Lines!
Their micro-fiber bags have been a hit! They now make them in pink and zebra print! Seriously, cute! And look at those other cute bags on top of the display? Adorable!
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