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Memento Luxe Ink Review

Of all the crafty supplies that I’ve acquired and hoarded over the years, there is one that I never get rid of: inks. I love them. They come in so many different shapes, colors, and formulations. There are pigment, distress, hybrid, shadow, and archival inks, just to name a few. Over the past seven plus years of crafting, I feel like I’ve tried them all.

After all that trial (and some error), I have to say that Tsukineko’s Memento brand inks are in general among some of my top performance inks. They provide a lasting and crisp inking to almost any stamp, and I find that their inks resist fading as some other inks tend to do.

So when I got the chance to write the Memento Luxe Ink review for Craft Critique, I just had to find out if these inks lived up to their brand name. I couldn’t wait to try them, and share my results!

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Review | Tsukineko All Purpose Ink

I was extremely excited when I was asked to review Tsukineko All Purpose Ink. I am a painter and love doing pen & ink and ink washes. It’s always great to try out new inks to see what they can do!

This is how the Tsukineko website describes their All Purpose Ink:

Due to its blendability, washability and versatility, this quick-drying craft ink has become a favorite among fabric artists. And because it’s water-based and non-toxic, All-Purpose Ink is fun for artists of all ages. Use it on wood, paper, leather and other porous surfaces too. All-Purpose Ink must be heat set on fabric for permanence. Heat set between color applications to prevent bleeding. Or layer colors to achieve a blended ‘watercolor’ effect.

Ink Set UpI wanted to do a monochromatic ink painting of the Savannah riverfront. I was asked to produce a piece of artwork of the riverfront, in hopes of starting a painting or drawing workshop. I felt this project would give me an ample opportunity to see exactly what these inks could do. Continue Reading →

CHA Inks & More: Tsukineko

Hold on to your hats stampers… Tsukineko has expanded its popular line of StazOn inks to include – are you ready? – METALLICS! Yay!

That’s right… the permanent inks for non-porous surfaces are ready to rock you with gold, silver, copper, and platinum!

Also new is this fun Sheer Shimmer Spritz, available in 6 colors. Just like its name implies, these tiny sprays go on sheer and shimmery, perfect for using with stencils or masks on designer paper to give just a hint of glam. More spritzing gives more color and coverage, so really, the sheerness is totally up to you!

Ink Potion No. 9 is a blending solution, perfect for creating your own sprays when mixed with water-based inks.

The nice demo lady mixed it with some Memento reinkers and a couple of drops of Sheer Shimmer Spritz, and made this:

Perfect for those of you who want to mix & match your own colors!

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