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Tutorial: Heart Chicken Wire Memo Board

Today, I’m excited to be sharing the first of two tutorials for projects that I made that were on display at the Creativation show last month in the Buttons Galore booth. This heart chicken wire memo board was so fun to make, and I so enjoyed sharing it with so many people at the show!

[Disclaimer: My company, Nally Studios, is the social media & blog manager for Buttons Galore. I am also part of blogger programs for Cricut and Plaid, who provided some product used in this article. Some links in this article are affiliate links that pay this site a commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking.]

How to Make A Heart Chicken Wire Memo Board

Chicken wire is so hot for home decor, but using it doesn’t mean you have to create a design that is “farmhouse” looking. This bright, colorful heart chicken wire memo board will fit right in when it is hung up in my teenage daughter’s bright pink bedroom, and will be a great place to hang cards and pictures.

Supplies Needed:

This chicken wire memo board project is entirely made from scratch, cut from a sheet of plywood. The great thing about doing it that way is that it can be made to exactly the size that will work for the space that you have! (My heart is about 17″ high.)

To start this project, I needed a template to work from. If you have a steady hand, you could hand draw your cutting outlines on the plywood, but I prefer working with a template. To create my template, I used the basic shape tool in my Cricut Design Space Software to draw two hearts and merged them. Then, since my template was larger than the cut area on my Cricut, I used the rectangle tool to slice my heart into sections. Then I cut out all of the pieces and taped them back together to make my template!

heart template

After I made my template, I used it to trace an outline on my sheet of plywood. Then I cut out the heart outline with my jigsaw. To cut out the inside of the heart, I drilled a hole first with my largest drill bit. That gave me a place to insert my jigsaw blade as a starting point, and then I worked my way along the inside of the outline.

The 1/4″ plywood is surprisingly easy to cut and a heart is just gentle curves and straight lines – don’t be intimidated! (Don’t forget your safety glasses!)

Once the shape was cut out, I cleaned up the edges and the surface with sandpaper. Then I painted it with a beautiful shade of pink called “Vintage Victorian” from the Plaid FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint line.

buttons on heart memo board

After the paint was dry, I started on the button collage. It’s time consuming to do a collage like this, kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle that you don’t have a picture for, but I find it kind of zen and relaxing. Having the background be painted is a little cheat – it gives room for error and allows the project to still look right if an area of buttons doesn’t quite fit together correctly. Working in short sections and then letting the glue dry before going further is best to minimize the risk of inadvertently shifting buttons out of position while you work.

Let the front dry completely before starting to work on attaching the chicken wire, to make sure everything is secure!

chicken wire

The chicken wire is a bit stabby to work with but if you are careful it’s possible to get it applied without too much trouble. The most important thing in this step to getting a nice finished piece is making sure that the chicken wire is pulled nice and flat and tight.

I started by cutting a piece of chicken wire that was just a bit larger than my heart. Then I worked in small sections attaching it to the back with hot glue, and pressing masking tape down over the hot glue immediately. (Thanks to Teryn at Vintage Romance Style for the no staple technique!)

Once I did one area, I went across to the opposite side and pulled the wire tight and did that area. Then I picked another spot and went opposite it. I worked my way around the whole heart by going back and forth.

applying chicken wire to frame

After all the glue was dry and cool, then I clipped off as much as I could of the wire pieces that were hanging out, leaving one loop of wire at the top of each curve of the heart to attach a hanger to.

I could have stopped there on my chicken wire memo board, and just attached a hanger, but my perfectionist side wasn’t happy with the messy looking back and wanted to make it look a bit prettier. So I got out a roll of Duck Tape I had on hand (conveniently in pink that matched my project). Laid down in short sections on the back of the heart, it both covered the masking tape & hot glue mess and sealed in stray ends of wire that could poke.

applying duct tape

For the final touch, I cut a piece of ribbon from the 28 Lilac Lane kit to use as a hanger and looped it around the wire I had left exposed. A drop of hot glue adhered the ribbon loops in place.

This same technique can be applied to any shape or size chicken wire memo board….just draw or create a template for the design that you want! What shape do you want to make?

how to make a chicken wire memo board

Patriotic Crafting Ideas

With the holiday weekend upon us, we just wanted to wish you and yours a Happy and Safe 4th of July Weekend.
And if by chance you need a couple last minute patriotic craft ideas, here’s a few to inspire you…

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Trendspotting Report – June 2011

Reported by Simone Collins

Each month I spy and spot the latest trends in fashion, design, and pop culture which often determine the hottest trends in craft. This is your monthly Trend Spotting report of the hottest trends spotted online.

Superheroes/Comic Books
With all those superhero movies in theaters this summer, it should come as no surprise that this trend is hot in the crafting world as well. Companies like EK Success Brands and Creative Imaginations are producing papers, stickers, and albums with this theme and there is even fabrics with a variety of comic book characters. The internet is riddled with great craft ideas with the super hero theme as well as party themes, makeup, and apparel.

Here is a look at just a few ideas I found that may inspire you to don a mask and cape…

1. Comic Book Strip Quilt 2. Super Hero Mask Tutorial 3. Comic Book Pendant Necklace 4. Zap! Headband 5.Super Star ring 6.Comic Book Flats 7.Super Hero Cake 8. Comic Book Makeup 9. Gadget Pouch

If you like something at it’s normal size then surely you’ll love it in miniature form. Manufacturers are counting on it with lots of great mini products for all your crafting needs like mini cake pans and accessories from Wilton, as well as lots of mini crochet and knitting patterns. Prima Marketing’s mini bouquets and tiny flowers. Petaloo has also followed the trend with their mini magnolias and mini delphiniums. Mini paper from Jenni Bowlin and 7 Gypsies mini label stickers make creating a mini album or project a breeze. And if you want to die cut a mini album, Sizzix offers a few including a mini purse. Mini alphabets are all the rage too, with Sassafras Lass, Cosmo Cricket, and My Little Shoebox are just a few of the companies that are making these tiny types. And let’s not forget the smaller sized tools like the Making Memories portable Slice Machine and the Janome Sew Mini. For those people who always want to be able to get the perfect snapshot without lugging around a huge DSLR, why not a mini one? The new Pentax Q (shown below) is a 12 megapixel camera that also shoots video and offers interchangeable lenses and it is about the size of a credit card. 
Here is a look at some of the other great mini items I found on the web and a few have great tutorials…

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Sure, stars and stripes are every where this time of the year but stripes are here to stay. Whether you like thick or thin, straight or wavy, traditional patterns or chevron, striped patterns are hot this summer. Crafters and manufacturers are well aware that the eye is drawn to these patterns and so they can be seen all over your favorite websites as well. Echo Park Paper has come out with Dots and Stripes collections, DCWV offers striped chipboard and May Arts makes so many kinds of striped ribbon I can’t imagine not finding exactly what I need.
Here’s some of the cool projects and tutorials I found online for your inspiration…

1. Chevron Pillow Tutorial 2. Striped Pajamas Tutorial 3. Striped Cookies 4. Making Striped Clay Beads 5. Striped Boatneck Tshirt Tutorial 6. How to Make a Striped Shower Curtain 7. Vinyl Scallop Striped Frame with Silhouette Machine 8. MakeUp Pouch 9. Painted Chevron Rug Tutorial

So, what do you think about the trends I’ve spied this month? Agree or disagree? Have you made any projects that fall into these categories? We would love to see them! What cool trends are you spying on StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and the internet? Please share it in the Comments section below this post on our website. We love to hear YOUR opinions!

And if you are one of the great crafters who have a project featured in this article, feel free to share this with your friends on your blogs and websites with this handy dandy logo. Keep up that amazing work, we love sharing it!

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