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Dritz Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen

Reported by Susie Ziegler

This weekend I misplaced my water soluble marker and I found that I was unable to get started on my embroidery project without it! This is the Dritz Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen. The blue pen is for marking light fabrics and the white is for dark fabric.

There are many ways to transfer designs to fabric for embroidery. You can use iron-on transfers like these from Sublime Stitching or these from Aunt Martha. For awhile I was using pencil to trace images where the transfer was worn out or images I found on the internet, but a pencil mark is not removable if you make an error. I also sometimes like to use Sakura Micron Pigma pens for detailed lines, but that line is totally permanent so you better be certain of what you plan to stitch!

Here’s the blue pen on light fabric in action. The line is a little bit thick and bulky, but I don’t have to be totally precise when I draw out my designs.

Here is the light marker on dark fabric. It is quite a light mark, but I can see it. I can keep my designs for a while without finishing the stitching. They do fade a bit depending on the level of humidity.
You can use these pens on a variety of fabrics, but avoid anything that can’t get wet. The only way to remove these lines is with a wet cloth or a spritz of water. Do NOT use soap to remove the marks! Certain soaps will set the mark instead of removing it!

Yipes! Don’t iron either! This mark did come out, but I’ve seen the iron set the mark instead. Scary!


  • Completely soluble in water.
  • Works as advertised!
  • Essential embroidery gadget allows for user error and errant lines.


  • Plastic pen is very much like my kids super cheapo coloring markers, so it gets lost with their things in my unorganized area.
  • Line is thick and bulky, difficult for detail work like faces or fine lines.
  • Follow instructions carefully so you don’t have unsightly permanent marks underneath your stitching.
  • Pricey. Must remember craft store coupon..

This set of two Dritz markers was about $7.40 at my local sewing store. You can also buy each pen separately for about $5 each.

I love these pens and most of my friends in my embroidery swaps use them too. How do you transfer lines onto fabric for embroidery?

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