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We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser

Reported by Maria del Pinto

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We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser

I recently bought myself a “We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape with Dispenser” to hold my collection of washi tape. I was going to purchase just the dispenser but found this fabulous deal and had to have it. The dispenser alone is currently about $20 but for about $32 it can be purchased with a really nice selection of 20 rolls of washi tape already included. The price of the tapes alone made this a great deal. I usually pay between $3 to $5 for a roll of washi tape. These tapes are great quality and buying them in the kit was a tremendous saving. It was like getting the dispenser for free! (This kit has been sold in Costco several times for $20-$22, but it is still a fabulous deal even at $32.)

The kit includes:

  • 10 – 1.5 cm rolls (26 feet each)
  • 10 – 1 cm rolls (26 feet each)
  • 1 Revolving Tape Dispenser in white

These washi tapes are made from beautifully printed Japanese paper. The vellum material is fairly transparent and looks beautiful on my projects. This washi tape (like most) is slightly re-positional, so you can move it if you are gentle. The color selection in this collection is great. The patterns are subtle which means I can easily incorporate the tape into a variety of craft and DIY projects.

We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser

The Dispenser itself has a convenient tape cutter located at each tape dispensing point.

I love that the Washi Tape Dispenser is so easy to use. It’s just like loading any desktop tape dispenser – you just match up the square end and pop the tape in or out. It makes it so very easy to change out my washi tape. I found that having the tape displayed made it so much easier for me to complete my projects. I load the dispenser with tapes that I need for a particular project and I can use them right from the holder.

We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Selection

The dispenser revolves which makes it very convenient to use when working on a project. The dispenser is heavy so it won’t move easily when you are using the tapes. To ensure it stays in place on your table top, it has the additional feature of rubber anti-slip pads underneath the dispenser.

Anti Slip Pads on Washi Tape Dispenser
Anti Slip Pads on We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser

One challenge I had with the dispenser is that it does not come with a cover. I live near the beach and need to keep paper and plastic crafting products well covered to protect them from our crazy weather and all the dust. So I used the plastic container that held it in place in the box and cut the excess plastic away (seen below). It fits perfectly. An alternative would be to use a clean plastic shower cap to cover the dispenser like a slipcover.

We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser Lid
We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser Lid

If you have a lot of washi tape to organize, We R Memory Keepers sells an add-on product called a Stackable Post for about $5 that can be used to stack multiple washi tape dispensers together into a rotating tower of tape!

I found the We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser set to be a great way to organize and store my washi tapes. The conveniently located tape cutters and the fact that it revolves is an added bonus. I would recommend this set to anyone who loves working with washi tapes or is looking to start their own collections.

The We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape & Dispenser can be purchased on Amazon for around $36, or at for around $32. The dispenser is also available on Amazon and without tape for about $21-22.

We would love to know how our readers utilize washi tape. Please feel free to leave a comment below and share your experience or hints with washi tape.

CHA Summer 2013 | We R Memory Keepers Punch Boards

Reported by Yana Smakula

We R Memory Keepers has been always well known for their innovative tools. And so it should be no surprise that at the Summer CHA Create & Connect show in Las Vegas, the company released four new innovative tools to help crafters create even better projects!

CHA Summer 2013 | We R Memory Keepers

Their new punch boards, the follow-ups to their popular envelope punch board, are designed to make four different types of gift packaging. They introduced a gift bag punch board, a gift box punch board, a pillow box punch board and a candy box punch board.

CHA Summer 2013 | We R Memory Keepers

Each board can create packaging in several different sizes (all of the dimensions are conveniently listed on the board and are available in inches as well as centimeters).

CHA Summer 2013 | We R Memory Keepers

These boxes will start shipping in October and will make for a great Christmas gift for any paper crafter this year!

Here are four videos showing you how to make each of the new packaging pieces:

Special thanks to Stephenson and Tavnir at We R for the demos!

Review | We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board

Reported by Linda Neff

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If you’re looking for an easy way to create envelopes in lots of sizes, you’ll want to try the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board like I did recently.

I had heard a lot about it and was anxious to give it a try, so I was excited to receive it recently for review. I usually purchase envelopes to fit the few cards I make and so I tend to stick to the most common card sizes.

I did a little research online – the manufacturer’s Web site  and YouTube how-to videos before opening the package.

The Envelope Punch Board is pretty compact, which makes it easy to store or tote with you to a crop or card party. Directions on how to use it are basic and very easy to follow: punch, score, rotate and fold.

I really like that the directions are imprinted right onto the board itself so I don’t need to find any paperwork when I pull the board out to use it. The card sizes, paper sizes and score line information is imprinted directly on the board as well, which is really nice.


Everything you need to make an envelope (except the paper and glue, of course!) is on the Envelope Punch Board – right down to the score tool which tucks nicely into a slot on the side.

I was able to make an envelope on my first try with this board, which gave me a great feeling of accomplishment!

My first attempt was to make a standard sized A2 card envelope. I did notice the A2 markings on the board are actually listed as 4 ½ X 5 ½ inches rather than the standard 4 ¼ X 5 ½ inches. I have heard that was because the manufacturer set the board’s measurements in ½ inch increments rather than ¼ inch increments. This makes the envelope slightly larger (4 ¾ X 5 5/8 inches) than the standard (4 ½ X 5 5/8 inches) A2 size, but I’m OK with that.


I followed directions by cutting my paper size 8 1/8 inches by 8 1/8 inches. It’s very important to be precise in cutting, measuring and scoring to create the correct size envelope. The board makes it easy to be precise. The measurements are well marked and the scoring groove is deep enough to give a nice crisp score line when working with the scoring tool.


After cutting the paper, the directions tell me where to line my edge up before punching and scoring. Only the first edge needs to be measured; after that it is as simple as punch, score, rotate and fold. There is a built-in Reverse Punch (corner rounder) on the outer edge of the board which serves double duty. How often have you looked for your corner rounder and not been able to find it? This one is built right in so after punching and scoring you can round the four corners of the envelope to present a professional appearance.


When closing the envelope you are left with the center flap, which is a rounded corner. I didn’t like it intruding into the center, so scored where it meets the side flaps and tucked it under.


I tell you, there’s nothing like a job well done to encourage you to forge ahead and try more. And that’s just what I did.

I created envelopes in common sizes that I tend to use:  A7 (5 ½ X 7), A2 (4 ¼ X 5 ½), and Gift Card (2 X 3 ½); it took me no time at all. Information on the board tells me that the final envelopes will have an approximate 1/8 inch margin on all sides and of these three, the A7 and Gift Card did. The A2 had about a 3/8 inch margin in depth (due to the 1/4 inch difference), but this allows extra space for bulky cards or embellishments, so the extra margin can be a good thing.

It can be a bit tricky when scoring a larger paper that hangs off the board. To get an accurate envelope you need an accurate score. I dealt with this by simply sliding the paper up after scoring the first 6 or so inches. I could feel the score groove through the paper so was able to line it up and finish the scoring accurately. I recommend handling it this way for better accuracy rather than trying to run it off the board.


I like to use envelopes to create mini books and by using the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board I can envision creating them in so many different sizes, and so very easily.

It’s also very useful when you want to create coordinating envelopes for your cards or invites. Envelope sizes range from 2 X 3 1/2 to 6 X 8 1/2 – a total of 66 sizes in all.


  • Easy to use.
  • Directions are imprinted directly on the board.
  • Tools are attached and/or stored on the board.
  • Affordable price.


  • Tricky to score larger papers.
  • Some envelopes are slightly large due to measuring marks being spaced at a half inch.

The We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board has an MSRP of $19.99, and is available at retailers such as, and Simon Says Stamp.