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CHA Winter 2012: We R Memory Keepers

Reported by Sarah Moore, Founding Editor

We R Memory Keepers is the leader in innovative tools for paper crafters.  Many of us already have the Crop-a-dile and the Sew Easy Products.  This season’s release is very exciting.  New tools, new papers, and new Sew Stamper accessories!
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Be sure to check out We R Memory Keepers on HSN on February, 8th at 9:00 PM pst and Feburary 9th at 12:00 AM est.  They will be debuting the Lucky 8 Punch to the world with the lowest possible prices!

click to enlarge
The Lucky 8 Punches!  Almost ready to ship!
New Washi Tape! in 20 designs!
Crop-a-dile Power Punch!  The same strength as a Crop-a-Dile but in a 1/4″ and 1/16″ size.  Punch has a 2″ reach. (does not set eyelets)
Sew Stampers!  The look of sewing with the ease of stamping.  13 designs preloaded with Black Ink.

New Mini Tool Kit: Magnetic Matt and Ruler, Precision Tip Scissors, Brad Setter, Art Knife, Precision Tweezers.

Corner Mounter:  Create slits in the corners in 3 styles.  Angle, Stub and Round.  Ships in May.

And adorable papers!  I love this crafty pack!

And these great embellishment tags…

 New albums in bright colors!

So what do you think of this new release?


CHA Summer 2011 | We R Memory Keepers

Reported by Simone Collins

The folks over at We R Memory Keepers had a bunch of cool new gadgets at CHA last week, and we are so excited to give you this sneak peek. First up is their new Sew Ribbon. This handy dandy little tool makes weaving ribbon on your paper quick and easy. It comes in six designs and their clever ribbon needles make the actual stitching a breeze. They also sell Sew Ribbon available in six color families with 2 yards each of velvet, twill, and grosgrain ribbons. This will be available in late September.

Here’s a quick video to show you how simple it is to use.

These are the six designs you have to choose from with the Sew Ribbon.

And a look at what you can make with this neat little tool.

Next up are the new Sweetheart Inkers. These inkers come in ten colors, and feature a soft rubber handle for comfortable gripping. With a broad end and a pointed tip, this little ink pad will be great for wide coverage as well as getting into tiny corners. Available in October.

If you loved the Sew Easy, you’re gonna love the Sew Stamper. You will get the look of stitching without actually stitching the thread through the paper. Just run this little stamper over your paper and it will create faux stitching on your next project. It comes in seven stitched designs preloaded with black ink. This will be available in stores in October.

Around this scrapbook page features the straight stitches.

The Brad Setter and new Mini Piercing Mat are a must have with all the glitter and painted brads from We R.

These projects really make me want to whip out those brads in my collection.

And their Cinch has been revamped and they now sell the Cinch 2.  The new tool was a wider range of capability as well as a stronger internal system for improved cinching. Plus, the new machine is aqua.

It’s perfect for all those mini books.

The new Designer Albums, which are available late September, caught my attention right away. These stylish albums come in six different designs and feature leather and suede.

Hope you enjoyed this peek at the new We R Memory Keepers products. We can’t wait to put them to the test. Which tool would you like to see us test first? Which one are you most interested in?

Vendor Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile III

Reviewed by Julie Tiu
We R Memory Keepers has done it again, bringing us a multi-use tool for our scrapbooking, cardmaking, paper crafting needs. Joining the Crop-A-Dile family (Original Crop-A-Dile and Crop-A-Dile II: Big Bite) the Crop-A-Dile III Main Squeeze is an embellishing tool using squeeze plates to die-cut, emboss, or set corners and tabs. What a nice complement to the eight-tool punch, eyelet and snap original, and the longer setter, the Big Bite!

Sold separately from The Main Squeeze is a base which turns your handheld squeeze tool into a desktop version. I found it to be extremely useful, but more on that in a moment. The Main Squeeze is nicely designed, too, with ergonomic grip handles spanning 4-1/2″, so if you have petite hands, you may feel that it’s a stretch. But, it’s not bad since the scissors-like motion is really smooth, and it’s not too heavy at 1-1/3 lbs.

Then there are all the fun accessories you need to buy to use with your Crop-A-Dile! The only item that actually comes with the Main Squeeze is a pair of squeeze plates that you use with the Squeeze Tabs (pictured above, bottom left). The assortment makes me drool (in a good way). So, does the Crop-A-Dile III try to deliver too much in an all-in-one tool? Let’s take a look.

The whole idea is to interchange the set of plates for whatever purpose you need, and it is so simple to use. The packaging has basic instructions, but you can go online to find more detailed tips. The plates, labeled top and bottom, slide on easily. I have to admit, there was one plate I tested that was more snug than the others, and I used my pliers to help ease it off. This was not the case with every piece.

As a squeeze tool for placing and crimping “do-dads” like the decorative tabs or corners, all you do is place your embellishment and squeeze. The corner pieces can accommodate scrapbook paper, cardstock, and some chipboard. They stay on like a charm…

… and here’s the backside shot.
These were supposed to be miniature Asian priest robes, but they look like totes or purses.

The Squeeze Tabs, with most designs double-sided, are just as easy. There was some slight movement of the tab before I set it in place, so in its finished position, it wasn’t flush with the paper edge. But, it was really minimal. To remedy that, maybe it has to be temporarily taped or glued? Again, the tabs crimped just fine.

But my favorite uses of the Main Squeeze are die-cutting and embossing. I don’t own any tools for this purpose, but I’ve used a few in workshops; you can only imagine how excited I was to try this! I found that there’s a little learning curve with regards to how much pressure to use when embossing. Be careful not to squeeze too hard, it can lead to some paper damage at creases or depressions, but this could happen with any embosser. Otherwise, I was totally satisfied with my embossed greetings.

And now, the die-cutter. This is last for a reason. It’s the feature I am most excited about, yet had the most trouble at first. Understand, I was sent this product to test, and We R Memory Keepers generously supplied all the pictured items, so you can imagine the disappointment when I first attempted cutting cardstock and it turned out like this:

I squeezed until a “pop” could be heard, but it just didn’t cut through. Time to break out the base. With the Crop-A-Dile in position, I tried again. No such luck, though, it worked extremely well with text-weight paper (newsprint and copy paper). The die-cut shape always cut funny in the same place, the edge furthest away from the lever, or hinge, spot.

A call made to We R Memory Keepers set everything straight. The die-cut I had was just a dud, totally inferior, and they sent me a replacement, along with other shapes to try. I’m happy to report everything worked. The one thing I considered was that you are limited in the size of your die-cuts and embossed images. The plates are not that large which translates into smaller shapes.

My featured projects were made with these We R Memory Keepers paper collections:

Family Keepsake (available now)

Tres Elegant (new this Spring 2011)

I truly enjoyed using the Crop-A-Dile III, despite the rough start with the die-cutter. Customer service was fantastic, and I’d recommend giving this a try for those who haven’t bought an embossing or simple die-cutting machine, or those who might be tight on storage space.


  • Versatile and accessories are plenty
  • Easy to store
  • Downloadable tips and tricks available online
  • Customer service is great


  • Limited plate (working) area so a larger scale die-cut would still need to be done on another machine
  • Clumsy for me to use as a handheld tool
  • Call your local stores to see if they are carrying the Crop III – mine does not

Costs (online) can run $25-$30 for the Crop-A-Dile III Main Squeeze, $3-$6 for the embossing shapes and die-cut shapes.

Our friends at We R Memory Keepers are giving away a Crop-A-Dile III and the  Family Keepsake paper collection to one lucky reader. Just answer the any of the following questions in the  comment section of this blog to be entered:

Have you tried the Crop-A-Dile III yet? What do you love about it or what would you change? What new designs would you like to see next?

You have until Friday, April 15th at 6pm CST to leave your comment.


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