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Review | Tulip SuperBig One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

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Tulip Super Big Tie-Dye Kit
Tulip Super Big Tie-Dye Kit

Summer is coming, and what says summer more than tie dye?

The Tulip One-Step Super Big Tie Dye Kit provides almost everything you need to have a fun tie-dye party or project for an easy summer vacation kids craft project. The only thing you need to have on hand is the natural fiber item to dye, along with a large plastic zip lock bag, scissors and paper towels (or rags). These are items I usually have around the house, so it was no problem to get started on a project.

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Books | Stencil Style 101 by Ed Roth

Wearables are becoming a big category in crafting, and I have been having some fun experimenting with them lately, so I was really excited to check out Stencil Style 101 by Ed Roth. What I found was a book that was fun, useful, instructive, and inspiring – a great combination.

Stencil Style 101

Stencil Style 101 is a compilation of fashion projects that are built around a series of more than 20 stencils that are included in the back of the book. The stencils are perforated for easy removal and when you are done, there is a pocket to hold them for future use (a nice detail). Each project features a different technique for working with the stencils. The projects cover a wide range of fashion, from shirts to bags to jewelry to shoes and a whole host of other items. There’s even a bike helmet! And Stencil Style 101 knows that stencils have uses far ranging from just painting – the techniques presented include paint, sewing, embroidery, knitting, jeweling, felting, leatherworking, quilting, and more.

If fashion projects aren’t your thing, Roth is also the other of a whole series of books on stenciling: Stencil 101 and Stencil 201, Stencil 101 Décor, and Stencil 101 Stationery.

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